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Learn | 03.03.2023

The Coachella Lighthouse: A Boutique Dispensary With The Largest Product Selection In California

For all things cannabis, head over to The Coachella Lighthouse.

What’s your ideal dispensary experience? Most of us aim to get in, get our products, and get out as fast as possible. That’s why we’re asking, why have we stopped taking the time to smell the roses?

Browsing through products in a relaxing and modern retail environment can be very enjoyable but hard to come by. If that’s something of interest, head over to The Coachella Lighthouse. This boutique dispensary has an impressive product selection with a stunning interior and friendly budtenders who aim to see you happy.

Here, connecting with your new favorite product is effortless. See below for more information about The Coachella Lighthouse and a few of their hottest products.

About The Coachella Lighthouse

Just down the road from the Coachella Music Festival grounds, The Coachella Lighthouse is a state-of-the-art boutique cannabis dispensary. Whether you use cannabis recreationally or medicinally, your new favorite products await.

This dispensary offers customers and patients high-quality care and the largest variety of products in California. Whether you’re shopping for consumables or accessories, The Coachella Lighthouse has what you need for great sessions time and again. Browse their cutting-edge and contemporary accessories and find something that fits your style and personality.

Walking into The Coachella Lighthouse is a breath of fresh air. The staff is a delight, always enthusiastic, and ready to answer any questions you might have. Plus, they make excellent product recommendations when you’re unsure of which goods will help reach your desired effects.

Also offering online ordering for pick-up and delivery, The Coachella Lighthouse is where convenience, science, nature, education, and compassion meet. Spark up and be the light you wish to see in the world.

Snag These Sought-After Goods At The Coachella Lighthouse

Whatever product or accessory you need, find it at The Coachella Lighthouse. Here, you’ll find the ultimate dispensary experience with unmatched products, knowledgeable budtenders, cutting-edge accessories, and a relaxing retail environment like no other.

This cash-only shop has ATMs on-site. See some of our product recommendations below.

Wyld - Elderberry (2:1) CBN Sleep Gummy

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WYLD’s gummies are top-tier. This particular sleep formula was designed to help you fall asleep, stay asleep, and rise the following morning feeling refreshed. It uses a sedating combination of CBN, THC, and Indica strain terpenes to help you drift into dreamland peacefully.

Buddies - Skywalker OG Live Resin Cartridge

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What’s better than liquid diamonds? Buddies Skywalker OG Live Resin Cartridge uses fresh frozen whole plants to create uncut live resin with no distillate or cutting agents. If you’re a fan of live resin dabs, this cartridge is happy to accompany you on your next adventure from the couch to the mountaintops.

Papa & Barkley - 1:3 THC-Rich Releaf Tincture

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When you’re looking for relief and whole-body comfort, check out Papa & Barkley’s 1:3 THC-rich Releaf Tincture. With straightforward and accurate doses, feel free to place a few drops under the tongue, on your favorite snack, or into a beverage for over 3 hours of relief. This tincture uses MCT oil to help the body metabolize the cannabinoids faster.

Yada Yada Flower - Cherry Do-Si-Dos

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This popular strain from Yada Yada will make you fall head over heels for its dense nugs, rich purple hues, vibrant trichomes, and enjoyable effects. It’s a relaxing Indica-dominant hybrid that calms the mind and body without causing serious couch lock.

Connected - Biscotti Infused Pre-Roll Pack

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Flavor meets potency in Connected’s Biscotti Infused Pre-Rolls. This pack of Frenchie’s uses whole indoor-grown nugs infused with THCA, then brushed with live resin and dusted with kief. My mouth waters just thinking about it. Each pack comes with five half-gram joints, ready for whenever you need ’em.

For more products and information about The Coachella Lighthouse, visit their website at

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