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The Hemper Vapor Station Makes Dabbing Effortless

Want easier, cleaner, safer, and more enjoyable dabs? The Vapor Station from Hemper is your best bet.

In the wide world of cannabis, ingestion methods are endless. From traditional joints to fast-acting edibles, everyone has their preference.

What might seem intimidating is stepping out of your comfort zone and switching up your routine with contemporary, innovative devices that help your consumption evolve along with the industry.

Take dabbing, for example. We understand that traditional dabbers adore their favorite glass rig. Not just that, but they admire the entire process of torching their quartz banger and anticipating a cloudy hit.

Although traditional consumption is close to our hearts, we encourage you to step out of your comfort zone with a contemporary and innovative dab rig like The Hemper Vapor Station. It’s a compact, all-in-one dab rig that makes each session effortless, safe, clean, and more enjoyable.

About Hemper

Hemper is a cannabis accessory and lifestyle brand that introduces cannabis users to new, innovative ways to consume the herb.

They lead the industry with one-of-a-kind monthly subscription boxes featuring everything you need for complete sessions. Besides their celebrated subscription boxes, Hemper also sells bongs, bubblers, dab rigs, dab tools, and every other device or accessory you might need.

Their latest attention-grabber is the popular Vapor Station, a compact station for your dabbing rituals.

The Hemper Vapor Station

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Dabbing has never been easier than with The Hemper Vapor Station. It simplifies and elevates dabbing rituals with a compact design, a clever multi-purpose stand, and heat-resistant silicone to protect you from the blazing quartz tip. See what’s included in The Vapor Station below:

  • Vapor station
  • Vapor station stand
  • Dab tool
  • Removable glass dish
  • Bubbler

Using The Vapor Station is effortless. The polycarbonate base has a built-in dab tool and dish holder for concentrate loading. Once you’re ready, place the vapor straw in torch mode for easy, hands-free torching.

The medical-grade silicone flexible vapor straw lets you hit your dab at your preferred angle, and the glass dome percolator bubbler attachment ensures the coolest, smoothest hits.

Once you’re done and the quartz tip has cooled off, remove it for easy cleaning. All your pieces sit perfectly in place in one upright, secure, and handy Vapor Station that makes every dab session effortless. Get yours today and experience what the world of modern cannabis consumption has in store.

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