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The Herbalist: Tommy Chong’s CBD Lets You Shop With Confidence

Choose legendary at Tommy Chong's CBD.

If there’s anyone who knows the healing powers of cannabis, it’s legendary activist and comedian Tommy Chong.

While cannabis use can be all fun and games, as seen in his many timeless comedies with Cheech MarinChong attests that cannabis helped him beat cancer. Not once, but twice.

For a man who’s spent his entire career paving the way for the normalization of cannabis, we know consumers are wondering what he smokes.

When you purchase anything at Tommy Chong‘s CBD, you’re experiencing the choice of legends, something you can confidently purchase and know will satisfy your needs.

Only the best cannabis products will carry the name Tommy Chong, and that’s why we’d like to introduce you to his very own cannabis and CBD brand, Tommy Chong‘s CBD.

A Personal Statement

Tommy Chong‘s CBD is a personal venture, one close to his heart.

The brand’s website features a personal statement from none other than Chong himself, sharing his beliefs, experiences, and goals about cannabis and his brand.

“I do everything I can to stay healthy and active: I eat right. I lift weights 4 times a week, and I smoke my body weight in marijuana,” he explains.

In all seriousness, Chong took a hard look at the people around him, specifically in his age group, and saw how many individuals are plagued with health issues that keep them from living to their best ability.

“At 81 [now 85], I spend days at a time in airplanes, tour buses, clubs, conferences, theaters, studios, and hey, I do my own stunts.,” writes Chong, citing that cannabis helps him be active, attentive, mobile, and overall healthy.

Full-Spectrum American Hemp-Derived Products

Tommy Chong’s brand has a section for CBD-only products and separate cannabis products.

The former is available to ship all over the United States, while the latter is only available in select states where cannabis is legal for recreational use.

THC and CBD aside, there’s no doubt that science and modern research are finally starting to give credit where credit is due and highlight the many health benefits of cannabis.

That’s exactly what brought Chong back to the game to launch his own brand. He’s proud to put his name on and provide you with the “best damn cannabis products in the world,” he writes.

All CBD and cannabis from Tommy Chong are full-spectrum American hemp-derived products. They are rigorously tested at 3rd party labs to ensure these products are only benefitting the consumer.

Whether you’re looking for Full Spectrum Nano-CBD or a simple Pre-Roll with Tommy Chong’s name on it, experience the choice of legends at Tommy Chong’s CBD. For more information about the brand, visit its website at tommychong.com.

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