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The Top 10 Strains You Must Try This Halloween

Hopefully, your ghost inhales are the only phantoms you see this spooky evening.

Halloween is finally upon us. It’s time to get into costume and relish all things scary as we transition into the dark half of the year.

It might be interesting to know that Halloween wasn’t always fun and games. In fact, North America didn’t start Trick-Or-Treating until the 1930s.

The entire Halloween tradition stems from the Celtic festival Samhain. Townspeople would gather their cattle raised in the summer to slaughter it, marking the beginning of winter and reaping what you sowed in the spring.

People would then wear costumes and throw animal bones into the fire to ward off spirits, hence the name bonfire. October 31 also marked the day where from that point on, the days got much shorter and colder, bringing people together to prepare for a long winter.

See? History isn’t always boring. Now that you know where our precious Halloween comes from, celebrate the right way with the top spooky strains for a thrilling evening. Perhaps you’ll want to smoke them out of a pumpkin bong for an authentic Hallow’s Eve experience.

Ghost OG

This classic hybrid strain is perfect for Halloween, not just because of its name.

Ghost OG is a powerful hybrid with a ranging THC percentage of 19-24%. Because it leans slightly toward the Indica side, it’s sure to relax the mind and body when goblins and ghouls lurk.

This particular strain is a cut of OG Kush, and because of that, it’s become incredibly popular for its desired effects that ward off pain, insomnia, depression, and anxiety.

Green Goblin

Unpopular opinion, goblins are much creepier than ghosts. Their overall facial structure and ominous stares are nightmare fuel.

One way to get over that fear is to dive deep into the mighty Green Goblin strain, which is said to cross Northern Lights with Skunk #1.

It has a medium THC content that ranges from 14-20%, producing a buzzy Sativa high that will keep you alert, aware, and ready to ward off all things sinister.

Orange Kush

Your decorations and pumpkins don’t have to be the only orange part of Halloween.

Grab some famous Orange Kush and gaze at the abundance of orange hairs covering the buds. Orange Kush is an Indica strain that crosses Orange Bud and OG Kush.

It can reach up to 22% THC, but some cultivars sit at a breezy 15% or less. The sweet orange and citrus flavors will bless your tastebuds with a treat you simply can’t find in your cousin’s candy stash.


Creepy clowns like Pennywise live rent-free in my nightmares.

The great thing about the Pennywise strain is that it doesn’t produce an overbearing and powerful high, so you’ll definitely be able to spot any clowns in sewers.

It’s an Indica strain that’s high-CBD and contains a 1:1 ratio of CBD:THC, both sitting just below 10%. If you enjoy strains that keep you aware yet relaxed, Pennywise is for you.

Ghost Train Haze

Before heading out to the Halloween parties, be sure to puff on some Ghost Train Haze.

It’s a tasty Sativa with spice, pine, and citrus flavors paired with up to 27% THC. Ghost Train Haze is precisely what you need to celebrate “Halloweed” until the wee hours of the morning.

It’s also the perfect strain for users who prefer potent heavy hitters. Do not approach if you’re prone to cannabis-induced anxiety, as this herb’s high THC level will only make you more paranoid and anxious.

Jack Skellington

Jack Skellington, the star of the Nightmare Before Christmas, is a Halloween icon.

Jack Skellington is also a happy hybrid with a diesel-like aroma, one that will make your favorite holiday magical rather than horrific. Both cheerful and high in THC (18%), Jack Skellington is the perfect bud to smoke during the day when you’re carving pumpkins or decorating your porch.

Its nugs are bright green with hints of black. Not to mention, they’re lanky and spear-like, just like the real Jack Skellington.

Jack The Ripper

This is the best Sativa strain for a haunted house, or the worst, depending on what kind of Halloween you’re looking for.

Inspired by the world-famous unidentified serial killer from the 19th century, Jack The Ripper is sour on the tongue with its citrus tang.

Its THC levels are on the lower side and usually range between 15 to 20%, but smoke this bad boy before touring anywhere haunted, and you’ll be terrified the entire time.

Black Widow

It’s not always ghosts and goblins that frighten. Creepy crawlers like the Black Widow, the most poisonous spider in North America, can be just as scary.

Fortunately, Black Widow, the Sativa-dominant hybrid, is not deadly. But it is wicked. Black Widow is highly potent and typically contains 21 to 28% THC.

You can feel its effects from head to toe, and they are intense. Rookies would be better off smoking a weaker strain if they want to get through Halloween without passing out.


Harlequin is an Indica-dominant high-CBD strain that’s mild-mannered, upbeat, and pays homage to a mysterious demonic entity that supposedly haunts children’s dreams.

She’s powerful with her mean medicinal punch and fearless with her anxiety and stress relieving effects, and she might be the smarter choice before a haunted house or another spooky setup.

Although she sounds freaky, Harlequin is a strain that novices and veterans alike can enjoy. With a 5:2 ratio of CBD to THC, she’s effective but not defeating or highly psychoactive.

Durban Poison

Durban Poison is a pure Sativa that will have your heart pounding. It has a high THC content of around 20%, and its effects can be mind-altering.

This spooky Sativa strain boasts sweet orange and lemon flavors with a forest-like aroma.

Aside from an energizing high, Durban Poison offers a mood boost and euphoria, making it ideal for socializing and meeting new friends at Halloween parties.

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