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Welcome To The LEUNE-iverse: Cannabis For High-Functioning Users

With a portfolio of vibe-specific flower, pre-rolls, and vapes, LEUNE is going beyond the traditional stoner stereotypes and redefining what it means to be a cannabis consumer. Created with LEUNE.

Three words to describe the LEUNE brand: Honestly Grown Flower 

LEUNE is a California-born lifestyle brand that goes beyond the toker/stoner mentality. LEUNE transcends the narrative of cannabis culture by making products for the 3.0 consumer who understands ‘getting high’ is just dipping your toes in the lake of cannabis wellness.

Cannabis is a millenary plant that has been used in cultures, religions, and rituals for centuries. There’s more to it and LEUNE understands that.

Even more than that:

They represent it.

LEUNE elevates the conversation around cannabis through high aesthetic and uncompromising quality standards that allow them to cater to the consumer who connects with their mission.

Photo courtesy of LEUNE

A mission characterized by LEUNE’s efforts to help bring awareness to social injustice and inspire true, positive change. And they truly mean it:

LEUNE is a member of the Last Prisoner Project. An initiative which they support to help bring justice and freedom to those incarcerated for non-violent cannabis “crimes”. They specifically show support through their launch of the Piña Dream Vaporizer, a product of which net proceeds from its sales go directly towards supporting the project.

Likewise, LEUNE is also a member of Broccoli Mag’s Floret Coalition, an anti-racist collective of small business which they support by helping raise money for equity-oriented actions and social campaigns focused on black, Latino, and indigenous communities.

But LEUNE’s true essence is shown through their products. High-end, vibe-specific, seasonal cannabis pre-rolls, vaporizers, pods, and flower that you NEED to know of.


Photo courtesy of LEUNE

Vibe-specific pre-rolls professionally wrapped and accurately dosed with 0.6 g of full-flower each. No shake, no trim, no filler. LEUNE pre-rolls come in 4 different varieties:

Coud Berry

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An Indica-leaning hybrid that evenly balances out happy & chill. Slightly tart and deliciously berry.

Desert Gold

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Tropical flavors that meet luscious notes of exquisitely ripe peach. A sweet sativa-leaning hybrid that sets you up for a relaxing ‘beach mode’.

Sol Berry

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Expertly rolled hybrid flower with notes of strawberry and tart rhubarb. The ultimate ‘coasting’ joint. 


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A true seasonal hybrid sourced from honest California farms. Nothing added, nothing needed. 


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Strain-specific flower in resealable jars that keep your product safe and most importantly, FRESH. Every strain is freshly grown and cultivated in heritage-rich Northern California.

Not only that:

Every jar and lid used for packaging is eco-friendly. Which is just another bonus on top of a high-end flower product. Although it’s not like the flower needed it, a product that respects the world we live in always deserves a happy face sticker in our books.

Even better:

LEUNE flower is ‘compassionately’ priced to ensure that everyone who needs it, can get it.

Peyote Cookies

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Indica-leaning hybrid. 

If you’re a fan of rare finds that provide incredible highs, Peyote Cookies is your jam. Or your cookies… Or your peyote? Well, whatever it is, it’s what you’re looking for.

A cross between Peyote Purple and Cookies Kush that provides a long-lasting, giggly experience with a strong body high that helps you relax after a long day of grinding with some more grinding.

Gassy and peppery on the nose, but guava-ish, vanilla-flavored, and delightfully nutty on the taste buds.

The perfect strain to use at sunset or as a late-night, “please-help-me-sleep” sort of snack.


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Sativa-leaning hybrid.

A delicate cross between the two classic strains; Clementine and Purple Punch.

Getting its name from the fruity aroma that characterizes this bud and the lavishly citrus rind taste that comes after it. Mimosa provides an uplifting, euphoric, and ‘very-much-Sativa’ high that makes it the perfect daytime smoke.


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Another seasonal strain that comes with an award-winning resume to back it up. Gelato is a cross between Sunset Sherbet and Thin Mints CSC that has an initially fruity scent complimented by a herbal, minty, and earthy sort of taste.

The high provided by Gelato allows you to stay clear-headed and creative throughout the day but hits you with an extravagantly strong physical high.

All-In-One Vaporizers & PAX Era Pods

Photo courtesy of LEUNE

LEUNE is all about cannabis products made from honestly grown flower that provide exactly what they promise. Keeping it natural and classy is one of the prerogatives we can identify with the LEUNE brand.

But we also notice that they don’t plan to stay behind at all. 

LEUNE understands that concentrates and vaping have become a major part of cannabis culture, and they plan to help you do it right.

The All-In-One LEUNE vaporizers are disposable vape pens that come accurately dosed and provide a different THC to CBD ratio depending on the product you choose to go with.

LEUNE vaporizers come in the same vibe-specific options as their pre-rolls but have a bonus addition to the mix with Piña Dream. A 3:1 THC to CBD combination of fresh, juicy pineapple notes combined with a herbal scent that inspires the senses. A vaporizer meant for the creatives that are looking for that extra ‘oomph’ in their tank.

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You’ll find the same layout in the PAX Era Pod Collab:

PAX is one of the leading vaporizer brands in the world today (P.S. yours truly owns one and loves it!). Well, LEUNE partnered with these guys and designed a sleek pod lineup that fits into PAX pod systems, giving you a way to enjoy the same strain-specific selection found in LEUNE vaporizers in your PAX accessory.

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