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Learn | 02.22.2022

Why Third Party Lab Testing Is Important

More than important, it's crucial. Created with Eureka Vapor.

It is no secret that the cannabis industry is very poorly regulated. Therefore, as in all markets, some unscrupulous people will take advantage of this to lie about the content in their products and take greater economic benefit.

There may even be companies that sell their products contaminated with heavy metals, pesticides, or other harmful ingredients, which is dishonest and very dangerous.

Third-party testing is the best way to be certain about the ingredients’ quality and the final products you want to consume.

Buying products from companies like Eureka Vapor, which have third-party laboratory tests, is an act of responsibility to yourself and the market. 

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Importance Of Lab Testing

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As mentioned above, the cannabis industry is still unregulated in many aspects, lab-testing being one of them. This makes it easy for some companies to lie about the quality and suitability of their products. 

This is why independent or third-party laboratory testing aims to provide an unbiased analysis of products. These tests are used to indicate the quality, purity, and potency of a sample.

This is why many manufacturers pay out of their own pocket to have their products fairly tested by an independent lab, as they do at Eureka Vapor to determine the purity and quality of their cannabis oil, so each batch of products are tested for pesticides, residual solvents, potency, microbials, heavy metals, cannabinoid profiles, and terpene analytics.

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This is why companies show the lab results of each batch to publicly demonstrate that what they advertise on the bottle is what you actually get. Giving you security and showing the integrity of the company.

Our recommendation is to always go to companies that have their lab tests from third parties and that are published on their website, it is the main indicator that they are a serious and responsible company with their consumers. 

How Do Their Party Lab Tests Work?

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Serious and committed weed brands usually send a sample of their product to an independent testing company. This company will perform its own tests and provide the results.

This practice increases confidence in a manufacturer because an outside company is less likely to lie in their lab tests, different from companies that do their own in-house testing, which calls into question the credibility and reliability of the results.

Companies that have embraced the practice of sending their batches of products for third-party testing are highly regarded in the industry and have a reputation to uphold by providing consistent and accurate testing.

That’s why at Eureka Vapor they provide access to clean, safe, natural oil that you can trust and afford, and from which you can learn about their third-party issued certificates of analysis.

Trust us, there is no greater peace of mind than knowing the quality of what you are consuming.

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Most cannabis product testing can be done in various ways, and there are no official standards that define how companies should test these products.

Although the industry standard is HPLC (High-Performance Liquid Chromatography) due to its cost-effectiveness and high accuracy, there are also PCR (Polymerase Chain Reactions) testing, MS (Mass Spectrometry) testing, and NMR (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy) testing.

Potency tests measure the active cannabinoids in a product, allowing users to predict its potency and efficacy.

Terpene level tests measure the presence of the part of the cannabis plant that produces its characteristic taste and smell.

Solvent contamination tests are crucial as they determine how controlled the cannabis solvent extraction process is. 

Cannabis has a great capacity to absorb the qualities of the soil in which it is grown. Hence, it not only absorbs the soil’s beneficial components but also the harmful ones, which can lead to dangerous contamination.

Why Third Party Lab Tested Products Are Better?

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Laboratory testing is extremely rigorous. Each component of the product is broken down and analyzed. A certificate of analysis is issued where the results are available to the public. 

Consumers have access to the information and can make informed decisions about what to consume and what not to consume.

Independent product testing helps to validate the efficacy of the product itself. They can identify contaminants and heavy metals and confirm the potency and reliability of the product. 

Third-party laboratories often have specialized equipment that the manufacturer cannot otherwise access. In addition, the personnel is specifically trained and experienced, providing a level of expertise that in-house quality control cannot always offer.

There are three main pillars of third-party laboratory testing:

  • Safety: by performing third-party laboratory testing and having access to certificates of analysis, you know exactly what is in the product, and, more importantly, what is not in it. 
  • Transparency: companies that submit their products for third-party testing are transparent about their practices and the content of their products.
  • Reliability: if you know what is in the product and it matches what the company advertises, you have confidence that what you are consuming is of good quality and made with responsible, clean ingredients. 

Third-party labs that are not directly affiliated with manufacturers are the most reliable source for transparency and legitimate cannabinoid purchase.

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