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Learn | 03.30.2022

With A Cannabis Cigar, You Can Smoke For Hours On End

Cannagars; helping you reach boss status.

The old saying goes, “The day you stop learning is the day you start dying,” and for cannabis consumers, there’s an endless abyss of knowledge thanks to the plant’s many complexities, the thousands of versatile products on the market, and new research about the many therapeutic uses for marijuana.

For experienced cannabis users, it may seem like you’ve developed all the knowledge and information you need about the plant, but there’s always something new and exciting to help you change up your routine and learn a new trick.

Thanks to the experts of innovative and accessible smoking methods at Purple Rose Supply, we’d like to introduce seasoned cannabis users to the newest way to smoke like a boss, a cannagar.

What Is A Cannagar?

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Photo courtesy of Purple Rose Supply

There’s something about toking on a classic cigar that brings a sense of luxury, and Purple Rose Supply wanted to make cannabis cigars easily accessible to all consumers, not just the 1%. The result was an easy-to-use CannaMold Kit, allowing you to make exquisite and tightly-packed cannabis cigars from the comfort of your home.

These bad boys burn for hours, and what’s even better is Purple Rose Supply lets you customize your preferences with different sized CannaMolds, coming in Personal (2-4g)Small (3.5-7g), and Large (10-14g). For more information on how to roll a Cannagar using Purple Rose Supply’s CannaMold, check out our guide here.

Why Cannagars?

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For starters, you’ll look like a boss when confidently puffing on a massive, packed, and decadent cigar. Besides the physical and visual appeal that comes with smoking a cannagar, it also makes each sesh last significantly longer thanks to its slow-burn nature. Using Purple Rose Supply’s CannaMold offers a completely new, exciting, and easier way to roll the cigar of dreams and one that conserves your weed by burning far slower than pre-rolls and blunts.

Which Consumers Should Use Cannagars?

Cannagars are not for the faint of heart, so if your tolerance isn’t as established as your friends, maybe cannagars aren’t for you. However, for the experienced user who’s tired of all the repetitive and plain ways to smoke weed, rolling a cannagar is a one-way ticket to innovation that’ll make you wonder why you haven’t been smoking these tubular God-sends all along.

Finally, if you take pride in being an early adopter of all new things cannabis-related, we’re sure your friends will be impressed with your findings when introducing them to the boss-like world of smoking a cannagar.

Where To Buy Cannagars

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Photo courtesy of Purple Rose Supply

You could choose to buy a pre-rolled cannagar from a dispensary only if you’re willing to pay the hefty price for one singular smoke. We encourage you to get a bang for your buck at Purple Rose Supply, allowing you to customize your preferred cannagar with three distinct CannaMolds.

The process of rolling a cannagar with a CannaMold is effortless and not to mention fun. However, for the complete cannagar experience, we suggest opting for the All-In-1 Kit that comes with a natural hemp shell, 60 skewers, 11 wooden tips, and everything else you need for a successful roll. Each All-In-1 Kit comes in sizes PersonalSmall, and Large.

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