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Learn | 08.20.2021

Yocan Loaded Review: A Powerful & Affordable Wax Pen

We review this Yocan device that is a great option for affordable on-the-go dabbing.

Nowadays, there is a wide variety of cannabis accessories that allow us to adapt to our chaotic and accelerated life. In particular, portable vaporizers are one of the most suitable options to relax and live a good experience quickly, easily, and on the go. 

That is why we have decided to analyze the Yocan Loaded, one of the most recommended vapes used by many today. Getting a much more relaxed and enjoyable daily routine can be simpler with this device.

Here’s everything you need to know about it.

Yocan Loaded 2021 Review

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Using the Yocan Loaded is simple. To turn it on,  press the main button five times. Then, choose your desired temperature and you’ll be good to go along with that, you need to get the right temperature before starting to vape. 

To choose your temperature, hold the power button for 3 to 5 seconds. Then, use the bottom and top to choose your preferred heat.

Unparalleled Performance

Photo courtesy of Yocan

One of the best features of the Yocan Loaded is the high-level performance that it offers. Many people claim that this is one of the best dry herb vapes available today because of its power. 

The superior heating times and potency of this device are thanks to its full coil heating chamber. That, combined with its built-in 1400mAh battery, makes vaporizing any kind of concentrates more convenient and easy than ever

Ease Of Use

Of course, ease of use is another one of the key aspects to consider when buying a concentrate vaporizer, and the Yocan Loaded has just that. The extendable mouthpiece and replaceable coil system make this unit a great option 

The person only needs to rotate the top so that the extendable mouthpiece can pop up. At the same time, the compact size allows users to take this device anywhere.

Durability And Lifespan

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Both the durability and lifespan of this device are very adequate and can provide an excellent amount of use. Quadruple quartz and double quartz coil assembly have been incorporated. These parts incorporate magnetic connections for a much more adaptable and simple damage-free operation.

Both the interior and exterior of this device have incorporated a set of solid, top-quality materials. The durability of this option will be more than adequate.

Great Battery Life

You can get a long usage time thanks to the built-in battery and its excellent capacity. The Yocan Loaded requires a battery to function. The battery is necessary when you need to get a precise temperature inside the portable vaporizer.

With a battery that provides a capacity of 1400 mAh, the user will be able to get full daily use without the need to recharge the battery during the day. 

It has an excellent quality battery that can offer a very long lifespan. This is especially important as low-quality batteries tend to lose their efficiency level over time. 

Built-In Wax Compartment

The QUAD and QDC Coils. Photo courtesy of Yocan

A wax compartment has been incorporated inside. This makes it possible to have a convenient device to use at all times. The specific design incorporated in this portable vape avoids too difficult or complicated replacement when changing the wax.

The Yocan Loaded is a design specifically thought for the well-being of both beginners and experienced users in the use of a portable vape.

Stylish Design + Pocketable Size

Photo courtesy of Yocan

Users will be able to choose among different colors and great designs. Some colors may be more suitable to get a subtle design that can go unnoticed anywhere. 

People can carry this portable vaporizer in a purse, in a backpack, or simply in a pocket. This flexibility is one of the most valued aspects by users in general.

Final Words

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You will have the possibility to enjoy this device anywhere. That means that it is not necessary to find a social environment to enjoy a pleasant and enjoyable experience.

This portable vaporizer has the versatility to offer some advantages such as anxiety reduction. It is a great addition for any gathering of friends to be a much more enjoyable and unforgettable moment.

The compact design allows this device to be carried everywhere while the extendable mouthpiece provides comfortable and safe use for everyone.

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