5 Homemade Bongs And Pipes For When You’re In A Bind

Okay, so you’re home with a bag of weed, but you don’t have a smoking piece. Well, luckily there are many ways to make homemade bongs and pipes.

Nov 11, 2015
homemade pipes and bongs

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Okay, so you’re home with a bag of weed, but you don’t have a smoking piece. Well, there is a solution! Luckily, over the years, stoners have come up with some very creative ways to make homemade bongs and pipes.

Making a bowl

homemade bowl Success: Judge Approves Dying Woman Access To Medical Marijuana

Now, you’re going to have to find something to use as a bowl. You probably don’t want to use aluminum foil, because it oxidises and burns holes in your lungs. But there are other ways. If you happen to be a handyman and have a socket lying around, you can use that. It’s made out of metal and doesn’t burn as fast, so you won’t be inhaling toxic chemicals into your body.

Another method is to use a paper clip. if you uncoil it, then recoil it into a small spiral, it keeps your buds in the spiral and allows for airflow.  Alternatively, you can use the silver bit on the top of a pen, although it makes for a very small cone piece. Also, only use this way if the top of the pen is made out of metal, not if it is mad out of plastic.

Finally, the last alternative is to use chewing gum. You can make it all soft and gooey, then mold it into the shape of a cone piece. It works, and is completely harmless! You can also do this with soft candy that you can mold.

Check out this video as an example!

1. The classic apple pipe

homemade apple Success: Judge Approves Dying Woman Access To Medical Marijuana

This one is a classic. Almost everyone has smoked some weed out of an apple pipe before. Basically, the way to make an apple pipe is to first remove the stem. Poke a hole with a wire hanger or skewer or anything that will make a hole that isn’t too big. Poke the hole right through the top of the apple but not all the way through to the bottom. You can go about three-quarters of the way.

Then, using a hollow pen, you can make a mouthpiece. On the side of the apple, poke a hole going downwards to the bottom of the apple to meet the hole you made through the top. They need to intersect for it to work! When you pull out the hollowed pen, it should be full of apple, making way for you to suck the air through. Test it out by putting your mouth on the hole on the side and seeing if air pulls through. Make the hole on the side deeper if you have to to make the two holes intersect.

You can use the apple as is now, but if you would like to add some distance from the mouthpiece to the apple, you can empty the pen out from pieces of apple and put it back in there. The hollow pen will act like a mouthpiece, and the top of the apple will be your bowl! Enjoy!

2. The Gravity Bong

homemade gravity Success: Judge Approves Dying Woman Access To Medical Marijuana
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To make a gravity bong, you will need two plastic bottles. One has to be thicker than the other. You will also need a knife sharp enough to cut the plastic bottles, your cone piece and add some water.

Listen carefully! You will need to cut the bottom off the skinnier bottle. You will need to cut the top off the wider bottle. In order to make the bowl, you do much the same as you do in the steamroller. Put your bowl on top of the skinny bottle (after you take the lid off). You want it to be easy to remove bowl so don’t secure it down too tight. Depending on how you’ve made your bowl, you might need to poke some holes in it for airflow. Fill the wider plastic bottle (the one that still has its bottom) about three-quarters full of water and put the skinnier bottle on top. Load up your bowl with some chopped weed.

Then, while lighting the weed, slowly draw the skinny bottle out of the wide one that is full of water. the space created by removing the water will fill the skinny bottle up with smoke. When it reaches the edge of the water, remove the bowl and inhale that bottle full of smoke!

3. The Steamroller

homemade steamroller Success: Judge Approves Dying Woman Access To Medical Marijuana
Photo credit: Weedist

For this one, all you are going to need is a paper towel tube (the cardboard ones), your bowl, a small knife and a safety pin. Of course, you’re going to need some weed.

About a quarter of the way down the paper towel tube, pierce a whole with the small knife. Don’t make it too big. It should just be able to fit your pinky in there. Put your bowl over the small hole you just made in the tube, and secure it over. Make sure it fits nice and snugly in the hole. If you have to, poke some holes in it.

When smoking, put your hand over the open end of the tube to act as your charger!

This mini steamroller from Grav Labs might be a good fit for you…

4. The Pen Pipe

homemade pen Success: Judge Approves Dying Woman Access To Medical Marijuana
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For this pipe, all you need is a pen and 30 seconds. First, try and get a pen where the cone shaped piece that screws onto the top is made out of metal. If it is made out of plastic, it’s no good.

Completely unload the pen so that all the parts are separate, and the hollow part of the pen is open on both ends. Turn the cone shaped piece upside down, with the pointy end in one hollow end of the pen. Pack your little cone with weed, and be careful it doesn’t spill everywhere. This is your pipe!

5. Candy pipe

homemade candy Success: Judge Approves Dying Woman Access To Medical Marijuana
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This works best with Starburst Fruit Chews! Otherwise, any soft candy that you can squish into a rectangular shape and then poke a hole into is going to work.

Stack up the candies so that you have a nice rectangular shaped device. Use a pen or a skewer to poke a hole right through the long side. this is going to be where you suck your smoke in. But don’t go all the way through to the other end.

Then, poke a hole in the top (the part you will put your weed in), and make sure it intersects with the part you are going to be smoking out of. Then pack your weed in, and make your smoke be fruity and sweet! See the video for more instructions!

Of course – having an inconspicuous and portable one-hitter or vape pen will help you avoid a bind, too.
Do you have any good homemade pipe or bong ideas? Let us know!
Nov 11, 2015