What Is RSO? The Medical-Grade Cannabis Concentrate

Rick Simpson is the man behind this concentrate.

Making waves across the internet is Rick Simpson Oil (RSO), which comes from the cannabis plant and is said to help treat cancer. The oil has gained vast popularity online, especially from advocates struggling with cancer and wanting to spread the word about how the oil benefits them.

Although many attest to using the oil for various benefits, there’s still no solid and reliable evidence that proves RSO works. However, early research suggests that cannabis contains some chemicals that may have future potential to treat cancer. Most cannabis oils we’ve heard of are usually CBD, the non-psychoactive compound in cannabis and is often associated with medical marijuana. The Rick Simpson Oil is a bit different; it contains high doses of THC, the compound responsible for getting you high and feeling euphoric. 

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Countless online reports tried to get to the bottom of who Simpson is and why he created this oil, and here’s what’s out there. Rick Simpson is a Canadian engineer and cannabis activist. After a bad fall, he saw incredible benefits when using cannabis to help reduce his pain and dizziness. Later, Simpson developed basal cell skin cancer on his arm, and believe it or not; he used cannabis oil to make cancer go away for good.

What’s his secret, you might ask? His very own Rick Simpson Oil. RSO is formulated by washing cannabis buds with a solvent like pure light naphtha and then boiling the solvent to leave oil behind. It’s a relatively straightforward process, but Rick Simpson sells the product if you want to save some time, but spend some money. To get a more thorough explanation of creating RSO, you can visit his website, where he gives you the complete rundown. It should be noted that because RSO contains high doses of THC, it’s not federally legal, so it can’t be sold in states where cannabis is still illegal. 

Rick Simpson created his THC oil for a variety of reasons that all targeted cancer. Since RSO is high in THC, this is known to help curb nausea and vomiting, especially for those undergoing chemotherapy. RSO can also treat chronic pain and improve appetite, but even better, research has shown that RSO, or THC oils in general, can help treat cancer

Some studies used THC oil on lab animals to treat tumors and proved that cannabis chemicals like THC could stop their growth. Other studies examined how it can help breast, lung, liver, prostate, and other cancers, and they found that cannabis, in some cases, can stop the cancer cells from spreading. Finally, and most importantly, while cannabis compounds kill off and reduce the spreading of cancer cells, they also spare healthy cells to aid in recovery. 

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Versatile cannabis products rarely satisfy the way RSO does. Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) is a type of medical cannabis oil that has been gaining popularity as a treatment for various medical conditions. The oil is named after its creator, Rick Simpson, who developed the oil as a treatment for skin cancer.

Simpson, a Canadian engineer, was working in a hospital in 1997 when he was diagnosed with skin cancer. After trying various conventional treatments with no success, Simpson began researching alternative treatments. He eventually came across a study that had been conducted on the use of cannabis oil to treat cancer.

Simpson decided to try the treatment himself and found that it was successful in treating his cancer. He then began sharing his story and the oil with others who were also suffering from various medical conditions.

The oil has been shown to be effective in treating a variety of medical conditions, including cancer, chronic pain, anxiety, and seizures. It is also being studied as a treatment for Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia.

Simpson has become an advocate for the use of medical cannabis and has been working to raise awareness of the oil’s potential benefits. He has also been working to make the oil more accessible to those who could benefit from it.

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