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Colorado Botanicals Review: A Brand That Delivers Honest, Dependable CBD

With plenty of shady sites out there trying to sell you CBD with questionable ingredients, the folks at Colorado Botanicals are providing quality, lab-tested products so you don't have to waste your time.

Since 2018, Colorado Botanicals has produced superior CBD products at reasonable prices, while using organically grown hemp, CO2 extraction, and other industry-leading techniques. 

The company was started after the owner’s grandmother was diagnosed with cancer. CBD was recommended by a fellow patient but they struggled to find a company that seemed trustworthy, and that has led to Colorado Botanicals listing transparency, impact, and value as their core principles.

From softgels to topicals, oil tinctures to edibles, all of the company’s CBD products are made without using any pesticides, herbicides, or insecticides. In step with their goal of transparency, all of their products are third-party lab tested for terpenes, which is rare in the cannabis industry. 

Many companies who claim to include terpenes don’t actually get their product tested by third-party labs, which is the only way to prove that the product matches the ingredients on the box.  

Photo courtesy of Colorado Botanicals

Colorado Botanicals focuses a tremendous amount of energy on attention to details, and that starts with the seeds of their genetic strains, which are rich in phytocannabinoids and terpenes. 

Their CO2 extractions yield a pristine product without any butane, ethanol, or propane. This cold extraction also delivers more terpenes and flavonoids, making their concoctions stronger and purer. Also, it’s important to note that this process has been approved by the FDA. 

Another process that sets Colorado Botanicals apart is their pharmaceutical approach of separating compounds, which allows them to retain hemp-derived terpenes and flavonoids naturally. Also, since they use little to no heat, the degradation of Cannabinoids and other plant compounds is minimal.

Colorado Botanicals CBD Oils Review

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Tinctures remain one of the most popular methods of CBD consumption and the hemp extract from Colorado Botanicals are mixed with organic MCT Oil, which is a type of healthy fat, usually derived from coconuts, that is easy to digest.  MCT may also help with digestive problems, diabetes, and heart disease.  

You get to choose between peppermint or unflavored, and can also save up to 15% if you choose to subscribe for continued usage. 

The cannabidiol tinctures all come in a 1 oz bottle, but range in serving size. You choose from 300 mg, 750 mg, 1,500 mg, and 3,000 mg of CBD per bottle.

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Colorado Botanicals CBD Gummies Review

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The best tasting product of the line would have to be the hemp-infused gummies, which are also vegan. These are great for someone looking to escape the high fructose corn syrup or high quantities of sugar in many edibles on the market.  

The gummies come in either 10 mg or 25 mg doses, with each jar containing 30 pieces each.   The 10 mg jar is $30 and the stronger 25 mg jar is $60.  

Using whole-plant hemp extract technology, these gummies contain not only CBD, but additional cannabinoids CBG, CBC, and CBN.  These extra cannabinoids have been studied to aid with sleep, anxiety, and depression, and are also known to ease inflammatory conditions, among other benefits. 

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Colorado Botanicals CBD Softgels Review

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These softgels are special because they don’t have loads of fillers and ingredients you can’t pronounce or easily research, like many other products out there. The premium broad-spectrum CBD oil and MCT oil are the only ingredients, so you know exactly what you’re getting. 

The pricing is identical to the gummies, with each jar of softgels including 30 pieces of 10 mg ($30/bottle) or 25 mg ($60/bottle) pieces, depending on which strength you prefer. 

The easy-to-swallow softgels are gluten-free, vegan, as well as kosher. These are truly guilt-free CBD snacks, to maximize the medicinal value benefits for your body. With no smell or nasty taste, these softgels use non-GMO ingredients to deliver a completely natural, pure product. 


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Colorado Botanicals CBD Topicals Review

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The hemp-infused topicals also feature the CBG, CBC, and CBN cannabinoids in addition to CBD, with the same terpenes and flavonoids from the previously mentioned products. 

The 10 mg broad-spectrum face mask is a fabulous product to moisturize, nourish, and hydrate your skin while delivering the high-quality CBD that Colorado Botanicals is known for. The mask is paraben, sulfate, and phthalates-free, and instead contains ingredients aimed at keeping your skin healthy. 

Marked at $7 each, the face masks are made of 100% cotton, which prevents the active ingredients from evaporating and keeps them on your face to be absorbed only by your lovely skin. The recommended time to keep on the face mask is about 30 minutes, so make sure you set some time aside for yourself in your busy life and give this mask a chance! 

Put on your favorite podcast or album, draw a nice bath or layout on your couch and enjoy the rejuvenation you’ll receive!

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The Muscle Rub Pump features 400 mg of CBD and allows the patient to dispense as much lotion as needed to aid with soreness, stiffness, and body aches. Perfect for on-the-go patients traveling or just off to a day at work, this pump offers a safe, clean, and discrete design that looks like a regular lotion dispense you’d buy at the store.

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The Rejuvenate Salve is an infused cream loaded with antioxidants and other healthy ingredients like organic aloe leaf juice, organic rosemary leaf extract, vitamin E, avocado fruit oil, and more.  The 200 mg jar costs $30 and the500 mg jar offers a deal with the price of $50.  

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Don't Make Life Ruff On Your Best Buds

Why should you keep all the benefits of Colorado Botanicals products to yourself? What about that one friend in your life that is always there at your side no matter what? That’s right, your dog or cat deserves to feel the same amount of relief as we humans do!

The broad-spectrum CBD oil for pets is extracted using the same process as their other products, and pet owners everywhere are seeing the positive benefits. 

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Whether it’s the 4th of July and your pet is freaking out thinking there is a war outside, or you just have any animal that frequently suffers from anxiety, the extract provides a calming and relaxing effect for your pet to sit back and enjoy themselves.  

The hemp extract also promotes healthy hips and joints for our furry family members, as well as aiding healthy digestion and appetite. This is a must-have for any pet owner looking to ease the tension of their pets or just give them a general sense of calming every once in a while. 

Don’t Wait, Choose Which Trusted Product Is Right For You

Photo courtesy of Colorado Botanicals

Whether you are in need of a spa day with the broad spectrum face mask, or would rather keep your application discrete with the muscle rub pump, there is a CBD product for you at Colorado Botanicals!

Remember, you can save money on all of these products by choosing to enroll in a 4, 6, or 8 week subscription that can be skipped or canceled at any time.  


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