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Does Weed Lower Your Vibrational Frequency?

The answer to this spiritual question might surprise you.

People who are a little more “in-tune” to vibrational frequencies can pick up on someone’s vibe the second they step into a room.

This gut feeling or sense is what drives us to approach this person or stay away from them. You can usually tell who’s more spiritually enlightened or has reached ultimate consciousness through The Hawkins Scale.

When someone is suffering from fear, guilt, or shame, they’re at the low end of the scale and would be considered low vibrational. These negative frequencies can hold us down and keep us there only if we’re unwilling to change.

If and when we’re willing to grow, that anger and resentment slowly turn into pride, courage, and love. We begin to live at peace with ourselves and the world around us, living a non-judgemental, open-minded, and high vibrational life.

So, the question remains, does weed lower your vibrational frequency? Let’s find out.

Cannabis & Vibrational Frequencies

When you reach for a joint, bowl, vape, or edible, what’s going through your mind?

Are you simply satisfying your cravings, or are you looking to get something out of your cannabis use?

The key here is intentional cannabis use. I personally use cannabis to relieve my anxiety and wash away stress. I’ll also spark a bowl moments before meditation, crystal cleansing/charging rituals, and even roaming the garden.

This helps me live in the present moment and calm down, letting me focus on what I’m doing while remaining optimistic, relaxed, and at peace. For this reason, you could say that weed helps me vibrate at a higher frequency.

But unfortunately, that’s not the case for everyone.

It's All About Your Vibration

Are you still a positive and relatively happy person when you’re not smoking weed?

If you tend to be rather negative and live in fear, you can’t expect cannabis to be the cure.

Sure, it might offer a temporary fix, but after the high fades, you’ll be back in your low vibrational frequency. Therefore, concluding that cannabis helps you vibrate at a higher frequency depends on your vibration when sober.

As mentioned, cannabis can help us picture what living a high vibrational life is like. Still, if we don’t become aware of the drastic changes between sober and high, and ignore our negative traits, there is simply no long-term beneficial effect.

The key to raising your vibration is awareness, a spiritual awakening if you will. This lets you become aware and in control of your thoughts, thought processes, and conclusions.

When we’re willing to grow and examine that negative voice in our minds, only then can we raise our vibrationWeed may help you do that temporarily, but more importantly, it can help you realize the life you’re able to live after some spiritual growth.

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