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Photo courtesy of Hitoki

Learn | 09.20.2022

Have You Ever Smoked A Windproof Laser Bong?

Well, now you can do it thanks to the Trident. And it’s awesome.

The ways to consume cannabis are wide and varied; however, as legalization advances, so do innovative ways to consume weed. Have you ever smoked from a windproof laser bong?

Well, as amazing and wonderful as it sounds it is now possible to do so. How amazing is this?

If the words windproof and laser have caught your attention, here we tell you all about this bong that has surprised us enough. Meet The Trident by Hitoki.

What Makes It So Special?

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Photo courtesy of Hitoki

Well if windproof and heating your weed with a laser beam like a Jedi isn’t enough for you, this bong has a lot more to surprise you with.

Thanks to its laser technology, it is possible to heat and smoke your weed much cleaner. This means enjoying all the flavors of your favorite strains, without external contaminants.

If you like technology and keep up with it, the absolute vanguard seems to be the laser technology, explored by companies like Hitoki, achieving clean combustion without chemical interference.

The Trident will undoubtedly be a great addition to your bong collection that will steal the show wherever you use it.

About The Trident

In addition to the unique laser combustion, the Trident comes with an integrated water filter, a removable ceramic charging chamber, a LED power level indicator and can last over 280 uses on a single charge. It is also made with premium materials that make it durable.

This innovative device has a beautiful aesthetic design, it will look amazing even in your living room. In addition to its precision that allows you to adjust the temperatures for maximum flavor. Also, Hitoki provides a warranty on its product.

The Trident Smoking Experience

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Photo courtesy of Hitoki

Smoking weed out of a windproof, laser-beamed bong blows my mind quite a bit. I think it’s pretty incredible the overall experience, not to mention the puffs are smooth, flavorful, and plentiful.

This is one of those products that really change the game, you’ll never want to go back to smoking butane fumes with lighters, or smoking with hemp wicks. If you like bongs this is a deal-breaker.

It’s easy to use, easy to clean, and easy to fill with your favorite strains. It’s hard to get this much quality and purity in one device these days and Hitoki has really done it.

Is It Worth It?

Did we mention that it works by heating the herb with a laser beam? We think it’s amazing! There’s no doubt that having a bong with a real laser as the heat source is probably one of the most amazing things ever.

The best part is that this device has many special features, including a carb setting, USB-C fast charging, and instantaneous combustion, all of which make it a wonder.

Another attribute that amazes us about The Trident is that it is windproof, which makes the weed last even longer and combustion is done with oxygen without the influence of wind, enjoying the pure flavor.

The Trident is surprisingly easy to clean as well, just make sure you have Q-tips and isopropyl alcohol on hand.

Hitoki’s Trident is an extremely unique way to consume cannabis. It’s aesthetically pleasing, hits smoothly, and did we mention it’s a windproof laser bong?

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