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THC-O Flower: Everything You Need To Know

Know what to expect when smoking this trippy cannabinoid.

Much like COVID-19, THC has different variants, but thankfully they have much better side effects than that of the virus.

Where every new evolution of the pandemic has recently developed, the different kinds of cannabinoids are mostly found naturally in hemp and cannabis plants; a few are made artificially, slightly modifying their chemical structures for specific uses.

In this case, THC-O was made to give a stronger, more euphoric high, and though its effects can be different from user to user, it sure promises to be enchanting. However, this cannabinoid recently saw a legality change in the United States.

Read on to learn more about THC-O flower, how it’s made, its effects, and how to find your perfect dose.

What Is THC-O Flower?

THC-O is a new cannabinoid, and it has been shown to be roughly 3x stronger than Delta-9 THC. The major difference between THC-O and most other cannabinoids is that THC-O does not naturally occur in cannabis plants.

It’s a synthetic version of THC, also known as THC-O acetate. Just because it’s synthetic doesn’t mean it’s not safe. All chemists are doing is altering Delta-8 THC’s molecular structure to reflect something similar to THC, resulting in THC-O.

However, it takes some serious extraction processes to obtain enough Delta 8 THC to create THC-O. For quite a while, THC-O was considered federally legal, considering it’s made from 100% legal hemp plants. However, recent research has proved that because it’s synthetic, it’s not a 100% natural hemp extract.

Sadly, THC-O is now considered a controlled substance and is illegal on a federal level. That said, if cannabis is recreationally legal in your state (or country), so is THC-O. So there’s still hope for you to experience what some call “the psychedelic cannabinoid.”

How Is THC-O Flower Made?

It’s impossible to grow THC-O flower. As mentioned, THC-O is a synthetic cannabinoid, meaning it doesn’t occur naturally in hemp and cannabis plants and must start with Delta-8 THC in order to convert it to THC-O.

However, you can infuse THC-O into any flower, whether that’s infused via insertion into the nug or coated with THC-O distillate. Either way, many cannabis users enjoy infused nugs because they tend to burn slower, prompting longer-lasting and more enjoyable sessions.

Cannabis plants that have been grown in “captivity,” a.k.a. cultivated in indoor spaces where conditions can be controlled more easily than in exterior settings, are ideal for THC-O infusions.

Smoking THC-O Vs. THC Flower

A few key differences exist between smoking regular THC flower and THC-O flower. If you reside where cannabis is recreationally legal and are legally allowed to get your hands on some potent THC-O, here’s what to expect and how the experience differs from that of THC flower.

Slow-Burning: THC-O flower doesn’t exist unless THC-O is infused into or onto the nugs. Most companies will use THC-O distillate, which is an oil version of the cannabinoid. They spray or infuse their buds with this distillate, which makes it incredibly sticky and dank. Because it’s so sticky, it burns much slower, making for longer-lasting sessions.

Stronger High: As mentioned, THC-O is roughly 3x stronger than THC. With this in mind, expect to be 3x higher than you would be with regular Delta-9 THC. While both cannabinoids produce a psychoactive high, some refer to THC-O as “the psychedelic cannabinoid” because of its ultra-potent effects.

More Flavor: Considering that concentrated cannabis oil is usually rich in a woody and earthy flavor, expect your THC-O flower to be incredibly tasty. That’s because THC-O flower is infused with THC-O distillate, making it very flavorful and a true pleasure to smoke.


The effects are mainly energizing and euphoric, inducing a state of ecstasy that can boost your motivation and creativity. However, because THC-O is made from Delta-8 THC (a very relaxing cannabinoid), THC-O is also incredibly relaxing and perfect for soothing anxiety and depression.

THC-O is 3 times stronger than Delta-9 THC because our bodies can metabolize and use it 3 times better than Delta-9. For that reason, it also has a slightly different time in which the effects kick in.

The effects of THC-O can take a while to feel. In fact, it can take up to 3 hours until you feel the peak effects. From there, the high can linger for 2 more hours after that, making it a 5-hour experience.

Think about the stereotypical image some high people get, where they’re giggly and seemingly unbothered by everything as they have a wonderful time. That’s more or less what you can expect after smoking some THC-O flower.

Different Forms Of THC-O

THC-O isn’t just infused into flower. There are plenty of ways to experience this powerful cannabinoid. Below, we’ve listed the most common product formats that can contain THC-O.

Pre-Rolls: Instead of purchasing cannabis flower in bud form, you can also experience THC-O with pre-rolls using flower that’s been infused with this cannabinoid.

Edibles: In case you want to keep your lungs clean, there are plenty of THC-O gummies to experience. They contain different potencies, so finding your perfect dose will be a breeze.

Vapes: Some of the first THC-O products were vapes. That’s because THC-O distillate is incredibly easy to make. It’s available in cartridges, pods, and disposable vapes.


I cannot stress the importance of knowing your dose when it comes to THC-O. Because this cannabinoid is so strong, you must use it responsibly.

That means starting low and slow. Take one hit and wait about half an hour before having more. Although the peak effects usually kick in near the 3-hour mark, you’ll get a pretty good idea of what to expect after 30 minutes.

Consider THC-O a new psychedelic substance you’re experimenting with. Take a small dose at first and gradually work your way up to a high that feels right for you.

Benefits Of Smoking THC-O

If you’re aware of the benefits of smoking THC, expect these same benefits but threefold. However, because THC-O is a derivative of Delta-8 THC, the effects are slightly more relaxing and calming compared to those of a Sativa strain with Delta-9 THC. See the most common benefits of smoking THC-O flower below.

Combats Anxiety: As mentioned, it takes Delta-8 THC to make THC-O. Delta-8 is a slightly less potent and more relaxing version of Delta-9 THC (that’s also federally legal). Because of this, the effects linger over to THC-O, meaning it’s rich in anti-anxiety properties while relieving both mental and physical stress.

Relieves Insomnia: Because THC-O is 3 times stronger than Delta-9 THC, it can have a pretty tiring effect on the body after frequent use or end-of-day use. This makes it an excellent tool for treating insomnia and helps you fall asleep, stay asleep, and rise the next morning feeling ready to go.

Soothes Depressive Episodes: THC-O’s semi-psychedelic ability is an amazing tool for treating depression. Of course, using this cannabinoid responsibly is essential, as it’s incredibly strong and could promote unwanted effects if surpassing your body’s perfect dose. At the right amount, THC-O may produce greatly relaxing yet uplifting effects that elevate the mood and leave you feeling great.

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