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Learn | 02.27.2023

How To Incorporate CBD Into Your Nighttime Routine

Improve your nighttime routine with CBD.

Your daily routine can say a lot about your wellness. Do you make time for exercise? Are you eating a balanced diet? Do you do beneficial things that prevent burnout?

While a healthy daytime routine is essential, your nighttime routine is just as important in maintaining positive mental, emotional, and physical health. This doesn’t start with getting a good night’s sleep but preparing your mind and body for rest beforehand. 

Using CBD can significantly benefit your nighttime routine by relaxing the mind and body so you can focus on peace, relaxation, and preparing yourself for a good night’s sleep. See below for more information about incorporating CBD into your nighttime routine.

CBD Gummies/Tinctures

Using CBD gummies or tinctures a couple of hours before bedtime can help your body prepare to rest. After all, getting a good night’s sleep doesn’t start when your head hits the pillow. It starts with your preparation a few hours before bedtime.

There are various CBD gummies and tinctures on the market that are designed for sleep, whether that’s falling asleep, staying asleep, or waking the next day without feeling lethargic.

CBD gummies can take longer to take effect than CBD tinctures, so be mindful that your desired effects could take about an hour to kick in when using gummies. Sublingual tinctures can kick in within 15 minutes.

CBD Skincare

Once you’re in full-on bedtime routine mode, your next stop might be skincare. Whether you’re new to skincare or have a fridge dedicated to your products, adding CBD into the mix is not only easy but very beneficial. 

CBD penetrates the skin on a deeper level to promote moisture maintenance and reduce inflammation. This is especially beneficial for those with dry skin and/or living in colder, drier climates. 

Applying a CBD oil designed for the skin before bedtime can introduce a new addition to your nighttime routine that helps prepare the mind and body for rest. 

Not only is a skincare routine beneficial for helping your mind log off from the daily drama, but CBD skincare can ease inflammation from acne, psoriasis, and eczema while promoting moisture maintenance.

CBD Topicals

If you suffer from chronic physical pain, especially joint and muscle pain, CBD topicals could help. Similar to skincare, CBD penetrates the skin and can go even deeper than the epidermis.

When applied topically, CBD can penetrate muscle fibers and areas surrounding joints to ease inflammation and pain. It’s especially beneficial after a workout, a long day, or a flare-up. Taking the time to apply a CBD topical to areas in pain can be another peaceful addition to your nighttime routine.

It’s similar to CBD skincare in that you’re taking advantage of CBD’s topical benefits but focusing on the entire body rather than the face. This can create relaxation and prepare the body and mind for sleep.

CBD Vape

When all else fails, a CBD vape will do the trick. You could also opt for CBD flower or pre-rolls, but vaping is less harmful and invasive to the lungs than smoking since it doesn’t contain the carcinogens, impurities, and butane associated with smoking.

Still, inhaling anything into the lungs isn’t healthy, but if you must experience the benefits of CBD in the fastest way possible, a CBD vape is a great option. Plus, they’re easy to use and make a great companion when reading a book before bed.

When inhaled, CBD travels directly into the bloodstream and then to the brain to promote instant effects like relaxation and stress relief. Whether it’s the first or last step of your nighttime routine, a CBD vape can help hush the anxious thoughts that keep you awake at night while reducing pain, inflammation, and discomfort throughout the body.

Final Thoughts

There are several ways you can use CBD in your nighttime routine. After all, sleep is the most important bodily function. Without it, we can seriously detriment our mental and physical health.

Luckily, the non-psychoactive cannabinoid CBD can do wonders for promoting rest and relaxation while easing aches, pain, and inflammation. That sounds like a recipe for a good night’s sleep.

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