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Smoke Honest’s Path Pipe: A Review

Pipes remain a very necessary and amazing accessory for all stoners alike.

Pipes are perhaps the second most popular form of consuming cannabis and I am quite certain the majority of stoners and smokers alike have taken a few pipe rips before. Whether it’s because of need or preference, pipes remain a very necessary and amazing accessory for all stoners alike, check out what we think about the Path Pipe!

Many collect pipes and are always on the lookout for the most aesthetic and functional pieces out there. I am quite sure the Smoke Honest Path Pipe will be a great addition to any collection or as a standalone piece for the minimalistic stoner, either way, check this review out.

About Smoke Honest

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Smoke Honest was founded in 2018 with a single purpose in mind: to design and produce functional, beautiful, and durable smoking equipment. The founders are adventurers that know what it’s like to crave a smoke when on the go or traveling. 

The main design features and characteristics of Honest are the simple and classic designs that are packed with useful features made just for you. The products made by Smoke honest are made to be able to accompany you everywhere you go and be rugged enough to withstand adventures and obstacles.


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The Smoke Honest Path Pipe is a very intricate and elaborate piece with a very slick appearance and great design behind it. This piece is reliable, portable, and discreet, and it was designed to be the ultimate on-the-go smoking pipe for the fashionable stoner. 

This discreet and minimalistic pipe has a very simple and charming design that is great for those looking to stay away from prying eyes. The pipe can go undetected and seem like a battery, a USB drive, or many other daily-use items that we all carry around. 

The Path Pipe weighs approximately 3 ounces and is just 5 inches long, making it one of the most compact pipes with all these features packed inside. One of the most attractive design aspects of this piece, in my opinion, is how you can close the lid while keeping a packed bowl. This makes this pipe a top contender for most travel-friendly pipe out there.

Features And Functionality

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The Path Pipe is packed with features that make the experience behind using it a very calm, smooth, and easy to use journey. This pipe has a lot of tech and engineering packed into a tiny, discreet, and concealable design.

This piece of smoker tech guarantees you will never have to replace a broken pipe again! The Path Pipe is made entirely from aircraft-grade aluminum with a tough anodized finish. Just in case, Smoke Honest includes a lifetime warranty to back the promise of immortality.

The main feature and namesake of this pipe is the smoke path carved in the inside of the body of the pipe. This labyrinthic patch was made to cool down your smoke and trap the tar which will lead to smoother hitting puffs. 

Aside from the intricate interior, the pipe has a built-in stainless steel poker and is made for ultimate concealability and discretion. The enclosed body of the pipe conceals odors and the discreet, minimalistic design makes this piece almost undetectable!

Pros & Cons

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  • Concealable and discreet design.
  • Durable construction with high-quality aircraft-grade aluminum.
  • Cools smoke due to the interior path design.
  • Perfect pipe for on-the-go smokers.
  • The enclosed design conceals unwanted odors.


  • Might be difficult to maintain and clean for undedicated users.
  • The bowl size is small but you can always pack more weed in a container.
  • Your pockets might get dirty if you’re clumsy or cannot store pipe properly.

Final Words

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The Path Pipe is a very intricate and simple device at the same time, and some of its features and design elements are favored by many, but hated by others. This piece was created for concealability and discreetness, and these two characteristics are sometimes a blocker for people that want pieces that are easier to use and maintain. 

The size and interior layout of the pipe are somewhat counterproductive because they make this piece a very high-maintenance device. Others have found that this pipe isn’t suited to be placed inside your pocket due to the residue and ash it may collect. 

To summarize, you’re looking at a popular and innovative piece that may not necessarily satisfy everyone, but that’s just how life is. Objectively, this is a discreet, sexy, and well-performing device that may need some getting used to, and many people just cannot afford to leave their comfort zone. 

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