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Learn | 05.13.2022

These Foods Will Enhance Your High

Snack on these foods before, during, or after a toke.

We know you’re high. But what if you could be higher?

You could just reach for the joint again, but there are foods out there that can do the job for you. Even better, you probably have them sitting in your kitchen. 

Because human brains have endocannabinoid receptors, these hook up with and activate the cannabinoids from the cannabis plant. 

These teenie little compounds are responsible for all sorts of effects like euphoria, relaxation, giggles, and even therapeutic effects like reducing inflammation. 

Terpenes are also responsible for effects, and they’re present in all sorts of plants. Simply put, prepare to get higher when eating terpene-rich food like those below. 


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Polina Tankilevitch

You might have heard that eating mango after smoking will get you higher. And that’s 100% correct.

Mangos are rich in myrcene, a terpene responsible for stress relief, reducing inflammation, and promoting proper sleep. Besides that, myrcene links with endocannabinoid receptors in the brain and promotes an even stronger high that will last longer than usual.


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Enough with the broccoli slander.

This healthy, bushy plant contains a different terpene than mangoes but produces similar high-inducing effects. Broccoli contains beta-caryophyllene, a terpene known to promote pain relief, reduce anxiety, and help with inflammation. This terpene links to the THC cannabinoid and offers an even more soothing, relaxing, and chilled-out high, especially when using an Indica strain.

Sweet Potatoes

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If you want something a bit more energizing, snack on some sweet potato before hitting the joint.

There are a few reasons why sweet potatoes will promote exciting and energizing effects.

  • They contain Vitamin B6, an essential vitamin that lifts the mood. S
  • Studies have shown that sweet potatoes lead to increased serotonin.

This hearty vegetable will definitely lift your mood even higher when using a Sativa strain.


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If you’re more of an edible person, nuts might help you get higher faster. Also, any kind of nut will do the trick.

They’re rich in healthy fats, a.k.a, omega-3 fatty acids. These compounds link with cannabinoids from the plant and help speed up the process by moving through the blood-brain barrier easier. Plus, most edibles are fat-soluble. So when your body has enough healthy fats, it can promote an even longer and stronger high than without omega-3s.

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You probably have these foods in your kitchen. So why not test it out? After all, what’s the worst that could happen?

These foods are packed with vitamins, nutrients, and terpenes, all of which bind with THC and other cannabinoids to produce an enhanced high.

Even if it doesn’t work, there’s no harm in munching on a healthy snack.

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