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Learn | 12.15.2021

The New White TOQi 510 Wireless Vape: What’s Not To Love?

Our favorite vape pen is now available in a classy white color. Here's the breakdown.

Vape cartridges are one of our favorite ways to consume cannabis discreetly. You plug your favorite flavor in the 510 battery and get some tokes on the go.

The thing about cartridges is that sometimes the generic batteries you can get for the cartridges tend to overheat the oil. So instead of that rich and flavorful smoke, you get hard-on-your-throat nastiness that wishes you got the edibles instead.

Now, the folks at TOQi made this process super simple. They created a vaporizer that not only regulates the heat to the perfect temperature but also charges wirelessly; it’s compact, stylish, and super practical.

And now, it’s available in white!

The new white version of the TOQi 510 Wireless Vaporizer makes it look even classier. Its marble-like body is excellent to match with other devices in your bag (like your AirPods!).

This new color of an innovative cannabis smoking device will let you experience practicality mixed with the luxury of your favorite cartridge.

About TOQi

Photo courtesy of TOQi

Before we go a little further on this new white color from the vaporizer, let’s talk about TOQi.

The Toronto-based company creates impressive products that seek to innovate how to consume cannabis.

Their most significant innovation so far is the integration of Qi wireless charging technology into their smoking devices.

They even make Qi charging batteries and pads fully compatible with smartphone devices and their top-shelf smoking devices.

The White Look

Let’s talk about the sleek white design. It’s small, portable, and enhances the features that we love from the regular version.

The white and silver finish gives the pocket-sized vaporizer an incredibly classy look that will match your devices if you are an Apple user or just make you look fancy if you aren’t a fan.

The LED lights in the middle are more noticeable in this model, making it a lot more visible during the daylight to check which mode you are using.

It has a precision CNC for proper airflow, an intelligent power system ensuring you don’t get your pull cutoff, and a marble-like finish with a white design.

Unlike the regular stone finish, this device has details on silver that are more noticeable. So if you feel tired of the functionality and look of generic batteries, the white TOQi is for you.

The Basics

Now, the TOQi 510 Wireless Vaporizer is great to grab a smoke on the go. It has a wireless rechargeable 400 mAh battery with over 150 pulls on a full charge.

It can charge through a Qi Pad or power bank or use the super-fast charging USB-C included in the box.

When we say super-fast, we mean it. It brings the battery to 85% in about 20 minutes. It also has three temperature modes for all of your heating needs.

It ranges from 158°C to 200°C, and you can choose from getting the best flavor at the lowest temperature, the best THC yield at medium mode, and the best CBD yield and smoke with the highest mode.

Why You Should Get It

Photo courtesy of TOQi

  • Classy, white stone-like design. Unlike the regular vaporizer, this limited edition looks stylish while lasting longer than your generic 510 battery.
  • Larger than usual battery. Its 480 mAh is significant for the market and can last up to 5 days with regular use.
  • Gets you at 85% in 10 minutes. With the included Type-C charger, you can get this baby running super fast.
  • No more wires! If you feel like your desk has way too many cables already or want to use your smartphone’s technology, this is the battery for you.
  • Can fit dabs and other extracts with an adapter. If you are more of a dab or resin person, you can get one of the adapters from TOQi to take a dab on the go.

Final Words

If you plan to try cartridges or extracts, I would 100% recommend getting them. The white version of Wireless TOQi 510 vaporizer is not only sleek and timeless, is super practical, and will provide you with great smoking sessions. 

The temp regulation is no joke and can be useful for different extracts, and wireless charging is a great feature to stop cable hoarding. The vaporizer charges super fast, and the LED colors look even better with the white, marble-like body.

It can last you for almost a business week and will charge in less than an hour, so it’s a great addition to anyone wanting to try cartridges frequently.

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