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Learn | 12.15.2021

TOQi 510 Wireless Vaporizer Review: Vaping, Simplified

Experience the future of vaping with TOQi's revolutionary battery.

If you need a quick and discreet toke, but you don’t like using disposable pens, this is where vape cartridges come into play.

Using vape cartridges is the easiest way to have your hits on the go.

However, regardless of the quality of your cartridge, there’s one thing that plays a massive role in your experience – the battery.

Most generic batteries will overheat your favorite cartridge and burn what’s in it. Nobody wants that.

Here’s where brands like TOQi and their revolutionary 510 wireless vaporizer, now available in pearl white, come in.

Let’s see what it’s all about.

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About TOQi

Photo courtesy of TOQi

This Toronto-based company focuses on creating products that innovate the way we consume cannabis.

One of their most significant innovations is integrating Qi wireless charging technology into their smoking devices, mainly their vaporizer, and making top-shelf quality containers.

Besides their wireless charging pads and power banks, they also create quartz-body dab and wax cartridges.

Their award-winning products guarantee the best smoking sessions with the fastest charging technology.

How It Works

Photo courtesy of TOQi

The TOQi 510 Wireless Vaporizer is super simple. With its matte stone-like finish, this compact battery will give you plenty of hits before needing a recharge.

It’s really easy to use. You need to charge it with one of the Qi wireless charging pads or with the included USB-C charging cable. 

Photo courtesy of TOQi

Once charged, you can screw your favorite cartridge to the body and turn it on by pressing the central button five times.

Now it’s ready to roll. 

Unlike most vape batteries, TOQi’s device doesn’t need you to press any button to use it. Just inhale, and it’ll automatically turn on.

Wireless Technology

Photo courtesy of TOQi

One of the most extraordinary things about this device is its wireless charging capabilities. 

The Qi Wireless charging technology works similar to the one used on smartphones: you plug one of their pads and place it on top of it until the central part turns green.

This system also works with their battery power banks, so feel free to grab them on the go to have some extra juice for both your battery and phone.

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Battery Life

The TOQi has a 400 mAh battery that has over 150 pulls on a full charge.

The vaporizer offers two types of charging; whether you have your wireless charging pad or power bank around or use it is super-fast charging USB-C included in the box.

Using the USB-C charger will bring you to full charge in about 40 minutes, although in a pinch, it gets you to 85% in just 20.

The wireless charging is slightly slower, but it’s a great component if you want your desk to be cable-free.

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Photo courtesy of TOQi

This battery is small and compact, so feel free to take it anywhere. Grab one of TOQi’s power banks so you’ll never worry about your battery dying. 

The 400 mAh battery will last you anything from 3 to 5 days with moderate use, or even more than that with minimal use.

Another pro tip would be to use the carrying case to avoid any breakage of your device or cart.


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The TOQi Wireless Charging Vaporizer has a lot going for it. Certainly, the design and wireless charging are what make it stand out from the bunch.

It’s small yet sturdy enough to fit any pocket or bag, and the temperature regulation will for sure help you get the best out of your hits. 

The wireless charging is great if you’re already full of cables, and the USB-C port makes it super easy to charge in a pinch.

All in all, the TOQi is an excellent way to dab or smoke your favorite cartridges on the go.

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