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Learn | 01.06.2023

Using Cannabis While Working: Is It Beneficial?

Have you ever considered using cannabis while working? Here are some tips to help you do it responsibly.

The long-held stigma around cannabis users being lazy and unambitious couldn’t be more irrelevant today. 

Not only does the plant spark creativity and broaden your imagination’s horizons, but with the many distinct and specific strains out there, it’s become not only possible but common for individuals to use cannabis as a tool for focus and motivation in the workplace. 

We’re not telling you to spark up outside your workplace and head back inside completely stoned, especially if you’re new to balancing your cannabis use with work. 

But there are several ways to begin that process without damaging your reputation at work or feeling guilty for using the plant when sobriety in the workplace is heavily enforced. Learn how to balance your cannabis use with work below. 

Know Your Tolerance

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The most important aspect of balancing cannabis use and work is knowing your tolerance like the back of your hand. Suppose you’re a seasoned cannabis user and only feel that euphoric high when dabbling in strains with a THC content higher than 20%.

Try saving those high-THC strains for after work as a reward, and if you still need your medicine, opt for a strain that has a balanced CBD and THC ratio to give your mind equal amounts of creativity and relaxation.

Understand Which Strains Might Benefit You

Most individuals want to stay bright-eyed, enthusiastic, and focused during the workday. While a balanced CBD and THC ratio is excellent for getting work done and staying motivated, you also want to ensure the variety of the plant you’re smoking is beneficial for daytime use.

You can never go wrong with a hybrid, even if it’s a Sativa dominant or Indica dominant. While one captures a sense of relaxation and stress relief, the other boosts creativity, energy, and focus. And these, my friend, are the key ingredients to a successful workday.

Start Slow

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Because merging cannabis with work can be somewhat nerve-wracking, we encourage you to begin this experience when your day isn’t hectic or incredibly busy. 

Say you have a few personal tasks to complete that require focus and concentration. That would be a perfect time to take a smaller hit of a balanced hybrid strain and experience the creative and focused benefits cannabis has to offer. 

You might even be surprised how using minor doses of marijuana throughout the day can make your work that much more enjoyable. 

When All Else Fails, Stick With CBD

If you simply can’t wrap your head around the thought of getting high at work, don’t do it. We are all entitled to our personal decisions, in which I’d suggest looking to non-psychoactive cannabinoids like CBD.

CBD is an excellent tool for stress relief. It can keep you calm yet motivated throughout the day and eager to pitch some ideas at your meeting. CBD also provides a general sense of well-being while tackling chronic pain and inflammation, so it’s a win-win.

Because CBD is non-psychoactive and does not produce a high, it’s a perfect leeway into using cannabis while working, helping your body get used to the pain-reliving, relaxing, and motivating effects. Until you’ve worked your way up to needing that euphoric kick from THC, CBD is your best bet.

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