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Powdered Cannabis: The Next Big Thing?

Powdered weed may be the next big breakthrough for medical marijuana patients who do not want to smoke.

Marijuana comes in many forms these days. We can purchase traditional buds, oils, concentrates, beverages, and even lotions and creams.

Now, marijuana is being produced in powdered form. Powdered marijuana uses the same technology that powdered sports drink mixes and powdered alcohol use to come conveniently packaged for long-term storage.

Palcohol and Powdered Cannabis

Powdered alcohol uses chemicals known as cyclodextins to create the highly concentrated and water-soluble granules. Cyclodextrins are circular structures of sugar molecules that are known to absorb other compounds into their center. Acting like a molecule magnet, cyclodextrins absorb other molecules and assume their properties. These molecules can absorb up to 60% of their weight in alcohol while remaining in powdered form. It isn’t until you mix them with water that they dissolve.

Interestingly this same process is applicable to THC. Experiments with THC-cyclodextrin compounds are proving to increase THC water solubility by nearly 1000 times. Just like alcohol, THC and cyclodextrin combine to make a highly concentrated powder that can be dissolved in water. Medical marijuana patients are often challenged by the mediums they are offered for consuming cannabis. Powdered cannabis could potentially provide them a convenient—and smokeless—alternative to access the valuable cannabinoids they need.

Versatile Cannabinoid Vestibules

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The brilliance of powdered cannabis is that it can be introduced to more than just water. For example, you can dissolve it in whatever beverage you choose. Or, you can include the powder in baked goods and other culinary creations.

The Future of Powdered Cannabis

Powdered cannabis is still in its infancy as far as research goes. Scientists are working to perfect the concentrations and applications of the powder in order to ensure its efficacy as a safe medium for cannabis consumption. In the meantime, if you have apprehensions about smoking cannabis, you can use cannabis oils and tinctures to include cannabis in your drinks and recipes.

Stay tuned for updates about powdered cannabis.

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