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4 Signs It’s Time For A New Bong

Your bong has a lifespan. Learn more about it.

Bongs are incredibly reliable until they’re not. What does that mean? Depending on how well you maintain your piece and your experiences with it, bongs can become a burden. 

One accidental fumble can create new burdens you wouldn’t wish on any stoner. There’s no denying that dropping your bong can be a life-shattering experience (pun intended), but these small accidents can make you purchase new pieces, tools, and accessories to try and fix the issue. 

That’s why we’re asking, is trying to save a bong worth it? Most of the time, you’re better off getting an entirely new piece. See below for 5 indicators that your bong’s lifespan has passed and when it’s time to get a new piece.

Your Glass Is Hanging On By A Thread

The most common issue bong users face is breaking their piece. This can be the bong itself or the downstem and bowl piece.

If you’ve shattered your downstem, you could try fixing it with electrical or duct tape, but the percolators might not work as well (if at all), depending on where it was shattered along the downstem. On the other hand, it’s almost impossible to save a broken bowl piece.

If the issue is your downstem and/or bowl piece, you can easily replace these pieces for cheap without getting a new bong. However, you may need an entirely new bong if the piece itself is broken.

Let’s face it; duct tape doesn’t look pretty. It can also be dangerous to inhale from a broken bong, as you’re putting yourself at risk of inhaling small shards and particles of glass. This is never advised. Do yourself a favor and get yourself a new piece, maybe with stronger glass or materials if you’re prone to accidents.

Stains Have Become Impossible To Clean

There is a point of no return in terms of the cleanliness of bongs. Unfortunately, far too many bong users leave the water sitting in their piece for days, even weeks. 

Not only can this seriously impact your health and put you at risk of infections, but it can make your glass uncleanable. For example, it’s much easier to clean resin stains and gunk on a new bong compared to one with weeks-old stains. 

That’s because the stains have become so rigorous that even the strongest bong cleaning solution can’t scrub them off. This is true for downstems and bowl pieces too. If your bong has reached this point of no return, it’s time for a new one.

Constant Bong Lips/Resin Lips

The negative aspects of bongs aren’t always your fault. While you can prevent stain build-up and breaking them, some bongs just don’t provide the experience you’re looking for.

Some bongs with smaller mouthpieces can produce what’s called bong lips or resin lips. This is when you’ve inhaled a bowl and pulled away from the bong, leaving behind a dark brown and quite disgusting resin stain on your lips.

Mind you, bongs with larger mouthpieces can still cause resin lips, but that’s usually because the downstem or bowl piece hole has been clogged, prompting you to suck up hot resin.

If you’re using a clean bong and constantly get bong lips/resin lips, do yourself a favor and get a different style of bong. It will save you, your health, and your experiences in the short and long run.

Your Style Has Evolved

The modern industry has blessed us with new bong materials and designs that we’ve never seen before. Some of them are ridiculously expensive, and we don’t blame you for not wanting to spend an arm and a leg on a new beautiful bong.

However, there’s always an affordable option. Moreso, it’s almost impossible not to find an affordable piece that reflects your taste, style, and aesthetics. Bong designs have become incredibly innovative, some of which keep your water cold for hours while others smoothen the smoke through ceramic materials.

Classic and traditional bongs will always have our back. But if your style has evolved and you’re ready to treat yourself to exciting sessions, it may be time for an upgrade.

Find Your New Bong From Milkyway

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Looking for a bong that’s both fun and unique? Look no further than the Skull Emperor’s Smoke Bong by Milkyway. This exceptional piece will level up your collection and make your smoking sessions more exciting.

Milkyway is known for its exceptional craftsmanship, and they’ve truly outdone themselves with this beaker bong. The smoky tube and base are adorned with deep sandblasted patterns, giving the impression of holding a piece of the galaxy in your hands. The design draws inspiration from games of chance and quirky tyrant kings, adding a playful and intriguing twist.

The standout feature of this bong is the eye-catching skull, wearing a crown and grinning like it’s in on a cosmic secret. Celestial symbols surround this bong, adding a touch of whimsy and wonder to your smoking experience.

Thanks to the beaker base, you’ll enjoy great water filtration for cool, refreshing hits. And with Milky Way Glass’s commitment to quality, you can trust that this bong is built to last.

Final Thoughts

Getting a new bong can be thrilling. Whether you’ve saved up the funds for a new state-of-the-art piece or you’re in a time crunch, there are a few reasons why it may be time for a new bong.

Most of the time, these reasons can be prevented, especially when it comes to broken glass and cleanliness. Other times, it comes down to style preferences and your taste. There’s no shame in treating yourself to a new piece. After all, your future sessions will thank you.

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