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CBD Vs. THC: What To Expect From Both Cannabinoids

Discussing the two most popular cannabinoids and how their effects differ.

Cannabis is complex. There are hundreds of cannabinoids and other plant compounds to know. Even when you’re familiar with cannabinoids like CBD and THC, there’s a long list of others that are quickly making their way into products.

For your understanding, we’ll focus on the two most popular and prominent cannabinoids in cannabis and hemp plants: CBD and THC. One of them is psychoactive, and the other isn’t. That’s about the main difference, but it’s still worth understanding their other differences and how they’ll make you feel.

Below, we’ve included a rundown on both of these cannabinoids, their effects, and various products from Fusion CBD to test them out. Read on to learn more about the top two cannabinoids in cannabis and hemp plants.

What Is CBD?

First, let’s start with CBD. CBD is a naturally occurring cannabinoid in cannabis and hemp plants. It’s abundant in these plants, meaning it’s very easy to be extracted and used for various products, like edibles, topicals, and tinctures.

CBD is non-psychoactive, meaning it does not produce effects that make you feel high, like euphoria and mild hallucinations. Instead, CBD promotes a long list of beneficial effects, making it incredibly popular in the wellness community and in the medical world.

CBD’s most common effects are as follows:

  • Stress and anxiety relief
  • Mood elevation
  • Relaxation
  • Eases discomfort
  • Pain relief
  • Anti-inflammatory

Simply put, CBD provides you with the relaxing and calming effects cannabis is known for without feeling high. On the other hand, THC is known to produce those euphoric effects.

What Is THC?

THC is another naturally occurring cannabinoid found in both cannabis and hemp plants. It’s abundant in both plants, and it’s the primary cannabinoid for this reason.

When you think of the infamous weed high, think of THC. This is the main psychoactive cannabinoid responsible for producing effects like the following:

  • Euphoria
  • Mild hallucinations (in stronger doses)
  • Mood elevation
  • Relaxation or energy, depending on the strain
  • Eases discomfort
  • Pain relief
  • Anti-inflammatory

Below, we’ve included some fantastic options from Fusion CBD that let you experience the best of CBD and THC without smoking or vaping. Check out the products below.

His & Her CBD Pleasure Lubricant

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Spice up your intimate moments with Fusion’s His & Her CBD Pleasure Lubricant. This game-changing water-based CBD formula is your new go-to solution for “special” moments in the bedroom (or wherever you are).

It’s a one-way ticket to pleasure, thanks to each bottle containing 300mg of full-spectrum CBD, designed to reduce stress, promote relaxation, and ease any discomfort or pain during sex.

It’s also an excellent tool for erectile dysfunction, making it beneficial for all. What are you waiting for? Set the mood, light some candles, and experience pleasure taken to new peaks.

French Vanilla Broad Spectrum CBD Oil

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You’ve never had CBD oil that tastes like this before. Fusion’s exquisite French Vanilla Broad Spectrum CBD Oil brings you the best broad-spectrum CBD on the market, designed to offer a refreshing, relaxing, and uplifting experience.

In case you need a quick rundown, broad-spectrum CBD is the happy medium between CBD isolate and full-spectrum CBD. Broad-spectrum CBD contains a broad spectrum of beneficial cannabinoids from the hemp plant but without a single trace of THC.

Fusion’s French Vanilla Broad Spectrum CBD Oil is 100% organic and contains 1500mg CBD per bottle, made with premium, locally-grown hemp. Get yours now and experience bliss in a bottle.

Vegan Delta-9 Gummies

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Looking to experience Delta-9 THC without smoking or vaping? Chew on one of these Vegan Delta-9 Gummies from Fusion, and see what this powerful cannabinoid can do for you.

Fusion’s gummies are now available in a delightful new Cherry flavor, and each gummy contains a consistent dose of 8mg Delta-9 THC, giving the entire bottle 240mg of Delta-9 THC.

They’re vegan, lab-tested, derived from hemp, and federally legal per the 2018 Farm Bill. What’s better than that? Snag these gummies and enjoy the benefits of Delta-9 THC in one delicious bite.

Savage - Conditioning Beard Balm

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Does your beard need some TLC? Or perhaps you know someone with a beard that needs a little love. Worry not, because Fusion’s Savage Conditioning Beard Balm is here to save the day.

Designed to condition, smooth, and shape facial hair, this luxurious balm ensures facial hair absorbs moisture thanks to its hydrating oils, natural waxes, and a blend of the following:

  • Shea Butter
  • Hemp Oil
  • Olive Oil
  • Argan Oil

The result is a softer, healthier-looking beard that’s hydrated and ready to be shown off. Plus, it contains an ideal blend of Carnauba and Beeswax to ensure your beard holds its shape, stays tame, and looks sharp.

For more products and information about Fusion CBD, visit their website at fusioncbdproducts.com.

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