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Dabbing, Vaping & Edibles: Which Is Best For You?

Which is the right way for you to enjoy the pleasures of cannabis? Created with Stiiizy.

Many new users are concerned with the healthiest way to take in marijuana, especially as it pertains to lung health.

Other users are concerned about the quality of the high and do not want to have the paranoia or anxiety that sometimes accompanies the high.

Luckily, brands like Stiiizy offer products in every category, so you can choose one that suits your needs.

Let’s dive into the differences between vapes, dabs, and edibles and find which one’s the best for you.


How Do You Smoke Cannabis Concentrates?

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Dabs are concentrated doses of cannabis made by extracting chemicals from the plant, using solvents like butane to heat it.

You are left with a waxy, honey-looking paste that you put into an e-cigarette, which then produces smoke that you inhale.

This is not the option you wish to use if you are concerned about the smoking part of consumption.

Dab doses are extremely high, between 40% and 80% THC. This is definitely not the route to go for a first-time user.

Doses like that are often correlated with the panic and paranoia that people associate with using cannabis.

Stiiizy’s dabbing lineup has four offerings – live rosin jam, live rosin badder, live resin diamonds, and cured live resin.

Another concern with dabs is their creation, more specifically the extraction process, which can be very dangerous.

Due to the use of butane in the creation of the dab, which is well documented as often causing explosions, there is a real risk here of harming yourself.

That’s why you’re better off getting solventless extracts like Stiiizy’s live rosin badder, which is made using only flower, ice, heat, and pressure – not a single chemical is involved in the process.


What is Vape Oil?

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With vapes, you can go two ways – dry herbs or concentrates. For the ultimate convenience and flavor, the latter is the best option.

Vaporizers are considered one of the best and safest ways to consume marijuana. They can eliminate up to 95% of carcinogens from the plant material. Also, the taste is very distinct.

The price (especially with some high-end desktop vaporizers) and availability can be a big downfall to vaporizers. Still, if you can get your hands on one, I promise you will not be disappointed.

With Stiiizy, you can opt for their all-in-one Liiil disposables or their terpene and live resin pods.

The high from a vaporizer is so thorough and so pure that you might never consume marijuana in any other way again.

People who vape see fewer respiratory irritations than those who smoke because the cannabis never really catches on fire; thus, you don’t get those ashy irritants.

Although it looks like smoke, it’s more of a mist, making it much easier for people who do not wish to smoke it.

They’ve got dozens of strains to choose from, so I guarantee you’ll find one for you.


smoking tips for a better high

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The last method of consumption is good old-fashioned edibles. A brownie, a cookie, cannabutter on a cracker, cannabis-infused oil items, you name it.

When you smoke weed, it goes into your nervous system. The high is intense and comes on quick, but it dissipates faster than when it goes into your bloodstream when you eat it.

When you eat it, it takes a bit to kick in. But be aware that not all edibles are created equal.

Two potential issues with edibles are that they take a while to kick in 45-60 mins, and so the risk is continuing to eat more thinking that the cannabis is not working.

The second issue is awareness of the dosage per treat (cookie, brownie, cracker, etc.).

If the dosage is low, one may not be enough, but if the dosage is high, one may be way too much; and sadly, you won’t know until it’s too late.

Luckily, nowadays we have fast-acting edibles like Stiizy’s Gummy Triangles. These treats are nano-enhanced, meaning their absorption rates are much faster than with traditional edibles.

You’ll get an accurate dose and feel the effects in less than 30 minutes,

The upside with edibles is you will never have to worry about your lungs, the downside is they can hit you harder because you don’t really know how much you are consuming unless you’re eating Stiiizy’s gummies.

When you vape, you know exactly how much you are taking in.

What About The Other Methods?

A few other options like ointments and tinctures could also be right for you.

The conclusion is there is no way to avoid your lungs as long as you are inhaling.

Vaping is just a considerably better option than smoking it any other way if you wish to avoid harsh irritants. Edibles avoid the lungs altogether but have their own pitfalls.

Do your research and pick the right way for you, and don’t be bullied into doing it any other way than is comfortable for you.

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