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Learn | 04.08.2022 Detox: Does It Work?

Pass Your Test Detox products

When trying to pass a test, there are always some doubts, and one of them is if the product we are using will work. The first thing you need to do is buy them from a reputable brand. One of our favorite detox brands is Nutracleanse from

The name already promises what you seek the most from a detox product, but a name alone won’t tell you how effective the detox will be. We compiled this article to help you learn a little more about’s Detox Drinks and Detox Pills and how they can help you pass your drug test.


About Detox carries proven Nutracleanse detox products with 20 years experience helping people detox their bodies from THC before a drug test. Their team of experts has dedicated their lives to providing you with the knowledge necessary to making the detox process safe and effective. stands behind their guarantee on the effectiveness and the quality of their products. They are so confident that Nutracleanse products will work for you, that they offer a money back guarantee if they don’t.  But with a host of positive testimonials and reviews, we doubt you’ll ever feel the need to use it.’s Nutracleanse has a detox program for you whether your test is in 1 days or 30 days. They also have a marijuana detox solution for a hair follicle drug test. These hair follicle tests take your hair as the sample for testing, and many detox programs are not as effective when up against a hair follicle drug test.  Nutracleanse has a hair follicle detox program specifically tailored for passing hair follicle drug tests.

What Is A Detoxification Program?

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A detoxification or detox program refers to cleansing your body from toxins. If you aren’t feeling confident that you will pass your drug test, it’s a good idea to run a detox program before the test, especially if you are a heavy or long term user.

Is your drug test coming up sooner rather than later? Nutracleanse offers programs for same day detox, such as the Fail Safe Kit as well as programs that can more permanently cleanse your body in 5 or 10 days. The difference is that the 5 and 10-day programs leave you permanently cleansed until you consume more. Whereas the same-day cleansers will give you a window of time to pee clean so you can pass a drug test.


Same Day Detox

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Do you need to be clean today? has got your back. You can get clean in 90 minutes by drinking a 2.5 oz Clean Shot. Take this shot if you have a low to moderate daily exposure to toxins. The detox effect kicks in quickly and lasts for as long as 6 hours.

If you are exposed to moderate to large amounts of toxins, the Clean Capsules may be your best option. They will have you clean in up to 60 minutes and the effects last for 6 hours.

In extreme cases, you can choose the Fail Safe Kit. With the Fail Safe Kit you would take the Clean Shot and the Clean Caps at the same time. This kit is for those with extreme levels of toxins and those with a higher BMI. 

Check our article on how to detox in 24 hours to learn more about these one day effective detox products.

5 Day Extreme Detoxification Program

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If you’ve got a week to detox from marijuana before a drug test, then you should try the 5 Day Extreme Detoxification Program. This full program consists of capsules that you must take daily for five days. When you finish, your body will be clean forever, or until you use intoxicating substances again.

This is the best-seller of You simply can’t go wrong when choosing this program to cleanse your body.

Read our article on this product to learn the details you need to know to get its maximum benefits.

10 Day Ultra Detoxification Program

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The 10-day program is designed for those who want to cleanse their system of THC permanently but have very high exposure. This program can help those with even high levels of THC and high BMIs.

Hair Detox Shampoo

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The previous products clean your body from within. But, it doesn’t work if the drug test takes your hair as the sample. The record of toxins once in your body stays in your hair. Thus, you need to detox your hair and your body simultaneously.

Don’t worry, has the shampoo you need to get your hair clean from toxins. Their hair follicle detox shampoo will clean your hair in 60 minutes, and the results will last for 24 hours.



Detoxing works if you use products from trustworthy brands such as Having a drug test can be frightening and you may have questions about testing. You can read our article on how to pass a drug test to learn about the different kinds of tests and other ways to avoid a positive result.

Always keep in mind that these products help you when trying to pass a drug test, but they are a detox method only, and won’t help you with cravings. If that is what you seek, then talk to a healthcare professional.


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