Top 10 Crazy Cool Cannabis Gadgets


Check out this list of the top 10 cannabis gadgets that you need in your life.

Lane Tr
Dec 29, 2015
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The thriving cannabis industry is not just bringing us new strains of marijuana, edibles, or concentrates- it is also exposing us to some crazy innovations in the gadget market.

Cannabis users are a creative breed and we demand gadgets that make using cannabis more efficient and enjoyable. Check out these 10 must have cannabis gadgets.


cannabis gadgets vapr Top 10 Crazy Cool Cannabis Gadgets
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The world’s first smokeable apparel combines everyday comfort and style with a discreet vaporizing system that allows you to vape on the go. The VAPRWEAR hoodies are great for skiing and snowboarding and are versatile enough for everyday comfort.

2. Strong Silicone Bong

cannabis gadgets siliconebong Top 10 Crazy Cool Cannabis Gadgets
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These bongs are perfect for the reckless smoker. The Strong Silicone bongs are made of silicone and are virtually unbreakable. They also suction to whatever surface you place them on, making it difficult to knock them over. If you are having a party and plan to provide a bong, this one will certainly survive the festivities.

3. Active Eye Universal Smartphone Microscope

cannabis gadgets microscope Top 10 Crazy Cool Cannabis Gadgets
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Explore the wonderful world of trichomes and other bud structures with the Active Eye Universal Smartphone Microscope. A compact, lightweight 60X microscope that can be clipped onto smartphones and mobile phones that are equipped with a camera. It is used for viewing very small objects and areas. It is especially recommended for gardening and plant health examinations such as pest and disease assessments.

4. Mota Pot

cannabis gadget motapot Top 10 Crazy Cool Cannabis Gadgets
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If you are into making your own edibles, the Mota Pot should be your new best friend. This gadget will take the time and mess out of making homemade cannabis butter. In about 10 minutes the Mota Pot will produce expert quality cannabis butter that you can use to infuse your favorite snacks.

5. Smoker’s Survival Kit

cannabis gadgets survivalkit Top 10 Crazy Cool Cannabis Gadgets
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This is for smokers who are anticipating the zombie apocalypse. The kit is waterproof and made of impact resistant material. You can store up to 7 grams in the container as well as a one hitter. It will float in water if you happen to drop it while swimming away from pursuing zombies.

6. Lighter Bro Multitool

cannabis gadgets lighterbro Top 10 Crazy Cool Cannabis Gadgets
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Lighters are very important in a cannabis smoker’s life. The Lighter Bro attachment takes your ordinary Bic lighter to the next level by introducing a small screwdriver, spring loaded scissors,and a bottle opener. Get this attachment to help yourself evolve into the MacGyver of marijuana.


cannabis gadgets dopeball Top 10 Crazy Cool Cannabis Gadgets
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DOPEBALL uses any athletic ball you can think of to create a portable and discreet storage container for your marijuana, glass pipes, vaporizing system, E-cig accessories, and any valuables you want to discreetly keep safe while on the go.

8. Vaporbrothers Eleven Vape Pen

cannabis gadgets vaporbros Top 10 Crazy Cool Cannabis Gadgets
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Everyone needs a good vaporizer pen to enjoy their favorite concentrates. The Vaporbrothers Eleven Pen is the perfect product to fill this need. It is discreet enough to use just about anywhere but also durable so you won’t need to worry about breaking it when its vapors take effect. The Eleven Pen has a unique feature not found on other vape pens. It employs a carb so you can control the size of your hits.

9. Vape Case

cannabis gadgets vapecase Top 10 Crazy Cool Cannabis Gadgets
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We probably spend half the day with a smartphone in our hands, so it is a no brainer to attach a vaporizer to your device. The Vape Case attaches to your iPhone and provides you with a portable vaporizer attachment. Talk a bit, vape a bit, then get back to life

10. AC Greebs Smoking Steel

cannabis gadgets gravbong Top 10 Crazy Cool Cannabis Gadgets
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This helpful little gadget will easily transform almost any plastic bottle into a perfect gravity bong. The days of sorting through your tools and old hardware in search of the perfect gravity bong bowl are over.

Are there any gadgets you think we missed? Let us know on social media and in the comments section below.

Lane Tr
Dec 29, 2015