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Learn | 11.08.2022

Hitoki Brings You The World’s First Portable Laser Bong

Safe, clean, combustion-free vapor on the go.

If you loved the Hitoki Trident, you’re in for a treat. In case you’re not sure what we’re talking about, Hitoki is the maker of the world’s first laser bong.

The Hitoki Trident is praised for its effortless, futuristic, and clean smoking experiences without the need for butane lighters. It’s an elegant piece that makes any good session great.

That said, we’re not discussing the renowned Hitoki Trident today. Although it’s one of our favorite ways to consume flower, there’s a new contender that just might be the busy stoner’s saving grace.

Hitoki is thrilled to announce their recent product release, none other than the Hitoki Saber. This sleek and conceptual handheld device works exactly the same as the Trident but comes in a smaller portable fashion which can be attached to the Saber Bubbler or your favorite glass piece!

Beauty meets functionality, convenience, and portability. That’s precisely what the Hitoki Saber is all about.

About The Hitoki Saber

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Similar to the Trident, the Hitoki Saber’s patent-pending laser system works similarly to a magnifying glass under the sun. It zaps your herb with a concentrated laser beam to produce the cleanest, smoothest, and most flavorful vapor possible.

This compact, portable device can be attached to the Saber Bubbler or your own glass rig with a 14mm or 18mm female insert. Switching up your smoking routine just got a lot easier—consider the Saber a worthy upgrade that helps you make the most of your reliable bong or rig with a futuristic laser experience.

It’s incredibly easy to use and clean, and it’s far safer than inhaling nasty chemicals from butane lighters. Although hemp wicks are a great solution, the Hitoki Saber makes your sessions easier by providing you with the cleanest, combustion-free vapor without the need for hemp wicks.

See a few essential details about the Hitoki Saber below:

  • 3 Temperature Levels: Low (red) for dry blends, medium (green) for denser blends, and high (blue) for infused blends
  • 60 Uses Per Charge
  • USB-C Charging Cable
  • Battery Level Indicator
  • 45-Minute Charge Time

How To Use The Hitoki Saber

Laser combustion can sound complicated, but it’s much easier than expected.

All you have to do is load the chamber with your herb, lock it up, attach the Saber to a bubbler or bong, then activate the laser system with the power button.

It’s that simple. See our complete step-by-step guide on how to use the Hitoki Saber below.


Loading Your Saber

Twist the bottom of your Saber counter-clockwise to unlock the device and locate the ceramic loading chamber, which can hold up to 0.3-0.5g of flower.

Make sure you use the handy dandy Dual Tool, which clears air holes with the pointy end, and packs your herb flat with the other end, ensuring the laser evenly burns your blend.

Once loaded, reattach the bottom chamber to the Saber by twisting clockwise until you hear a click.

Bubbler, Bong, Or Rig

Once your Saber is loaded and ready to go, take your Saber Bubbler or favorite glass rig and fill it with water.

Push the bottom end of the Saber into your female insert, and voila, the easiest way to experience laser combustion.

The Laser

You likely remember what I said about the Saber’s patent-pending laser system working similarly to a magnifying glass under the sun.

It activates by double-clicking the power button for a straight 10-second beam or holding down the power button for a continuous draw.

And don’t worry, the laser only activates once the chamber is locked—no laser beams firing at your walls.

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