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How To Find A Balance With Cannabis Without Quitting

It's easy to get caught up in your cannabis use. Here's how to balance it without going cold turkey.

It’s not uncommon to feel chained to your cannabis consumption. Stoners often become accustomed to their routines, whether that’s a morning wake n’ bake or a bedtime hit.

Let’s be honest; smoking weed can be a slippery slope. It’s very easy to find yourself craving the sensations of weed throughout the day. And many of us feed into those moments and satisfy them with a quick hit. We’ll help you avoid that. 

Balancing your cannabis use doesn’t have to be scary. Weed will still be there for you, but you’ll feel much more accomplished after using it. Read on for more tips about how to balance your cannabis use without quitting.

Use Weed As An Incentive

This is perhaps the most important tip out of all. When you’re working throughout the day (this is especially true for remote workers), we know a quick hit sounds intriguing, but waiting for it will help you find balance.

Instead of sparking up and heading back to work, try using weed as an incentive. That means picturing the relaxing, relieving, and euphoric sensation you love and using that as motivation to complete your daily tasks. From first-hand experience, this works.

When it comes time for a hit, you’ll feel much more accomplished and relaxed than feeding into those weak moments and having a hit because your cravings said so.

Distract Yourself When You'd Usually Smoke

If you use the plant at certain times of the day, try distracting yourself when you’d usually go out for a rip.

Whether that’s an early wake n’ bake or a bedtime hit, feeling inclined to smoke weed at a certain time can seriously increase your cravings for it. If you smoke several times throughout the day, try distracting yourself when you feel a craving for weed.

That could be calling up a friend, going for a walk, baking goodies, picking up a new hobby like painting, or anything else that interests you. The key is to keep yourself distracted enough to forget that you were craving weed.

Set Goals

If you’re reading this, chances are you want to balance your cannabis use. Set goals to help you do that.

These goals could include:

  • Using weed after a certain time
  • Using weed after you’ve completed your daily tasks
  • Having fewer bowls than normal
  • Sharing joints instead of smoking one to the face
  • Using high-THC edibles at night and low-THC edibles during the day

Whatever your goals are, make them achievable. There’s no better feeling than accomplishment. Even if it’s as easy as rolling a joint with half the weed you normally would. Never hesitate to give yourself a pat on the back.

Try New Ways To Consume It

It’s pretty common for cannabis consumers to become accustomed to their routines. That, and the particular method of consumption they choose to use.

You can drastically benefit from trying new ways to consume cannabis, which may help you find a balance in your routine and not lean so heavily on one particular method, like smoking.

If you’re a regular smoker, try using edibles or tinctures to feel your effects. Switching up your consumption routine can introduce new effects and sensations while helping you avoid dependence on your usual routine.

Final Thoughts

Balancing your cannabis use can be easy. Smoking your day away sounds fun, but does it really help you in the long run?

We’re not saying not to smoke weed all day if that’s the norm for you, but saving those days for once or twice a week will help you reap rewards you didn’t know existed. By following the tips above, you’ll have no problem balancing your cannabis use and feeling completely in control.

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