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18 Best Smell-Proof Weed Stash Bags 2023

Want to keep your weed hidden? Make sure to choose one of the best stash bags.

Some of us don’t go anywhere without our favorite herb. For many, it’s medicine, while for others, high times are the best times. Either way, we can all agree that life is sweeter when you have your stash than when you don’t.

But if you’ve ever tried traveling with your buds, then you know it can be a hot, complicated mess. Even a gram of loud is enough to fill up the whole room with the smell of dank, which brings up a second issue: allocating a decent spot for safekeeping besides your bra or back pocket.

Tossing your sack inside of your bra will have your lingerie smelling like Kush in seconds, and your back pocket only makes it easier for you to lose it.

Stash bags, on the other hand, conceal the dankness in more ways than one. They’re essentially purses for pot.

Some are stylish and sophisticated on the outside, like a designer bag, but there are also stash bags that are plain and simple and could be mistaken for an everyday backpack, toiletry bag, or something similar.

Inside, a stash bag will typically always have zipper pockets, pouches, and dividers to keep your pot and paraphernalia organized.

However, some bags offer even more features, like a combination lock, storage jars, and bonus storage to keep your cards, keys, and other possessions separate from your ganja. Keep reading to find your next bag from our list of the best 18 stash bags on the market in 2022.

The Best Smell-Proof Stash Bags For Weed

A stash bag is an awesome and convenient accessory to use at the house and when you’re away. It makes it so that you always have everything together in one place and can worry less about your supplies going missing or winding up in the wrong hands.

A stash bag can be your own personal flower station, dabbing station, or whatever you want it to be, wherever and whenever duty calls. Here are our favorite stash bags, backpacks, and more for transporting your weed and tools on the sly:

The Best Smell-Proof Stash Bag Overall

PAX Smell Proof Stash Bag

The PAX Smell Proof Stash Bag is durable and elegant and won’t smell. That is everything you need from a stash bag, and there is a bit more.

The Smell Proof Stash Bag looks like and has the size of a wallet. A very stylish one, but still discreet so you can put it in front of everyone and no one could tell what you have there. Remember, it doesn’t smell at all.

It is also so portable that allows you to take your weed wherever you go. Even to a pool party or the beach because it is a rubber-backed bag with a lockable zipper closure and is completely waterproof!

The PAX Smell Proof Stash Bag is perfect if you want a good-looking, smell-proof stash bag that protects your weed.

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RYOT Dopp Kit

Photo courtesy of RYOT

When buying a stash bag, reliability and durability should be at the top of the list.

Enter RYOT’s Dopp Kit, a discrete bag that’s designed to keep smoking equipment and stash dry and odors on lockdown, not to mention being super portable and great for any experience.

The smell-proof and waterproof technology keeps the inside warm and dry in any weather, ensuring that every smoke session can be carried out without setbacks, no matter the environment.

The Best Stash Messenger Bags

RYOT Waist Pack

Photo courtesy of RYOT

Fanny packs are no longer a thing of the past: RYOT’s Waist Pack works great for whatever adventure you’re embarking on.

Whether you’re looking for a joint-holder for a festival, packing a pipe for a bike ride, or just looking for something to haul your accessories on a day out on the town, this fanny pack is the way to go.

It’s got SmellSafe Carbon technology, keeping odors in and weather out (no matter how treacherous).

Wear it around your waist or as a crossbody sling.

Revelry Amigo

Photo courtesy of Revelry Supply

Amigo is the perfect travel companion, with all the pockets and compartments you need and none that you don’t. The adjustable strap makes it easy to carry on your shoulder or around your waist. It protects against embarrassing odors, and you can even use it as a day pack for a quick trip into town.

With the ever-growing necessity for odor control on the go, the Amigo water-resistant bag can keep your secret locked uptight and out of sight with easy access to a hidden zipper pocket on the outside. Slip it over your shoulder for extra protection or strap it around your waist for ultimate convenience.

Skunk Bags Kross

best stash bags

Photography by Kaya Blaze Kelley for Herb

The Kross is just one bag from the Skunk Bags line. I picked out Kross as the best smell-proof stash bag because nine times out of ten, you’re going to want something that not only conceals the pungency and keeps everything in order on-the-go, but also doesn’t get in the way. Carrying around a backpack full of weed around town is rarely necessary, if ever.

Kross is both portable and 100% smell-proof. It features interior zipper compartments to hold vapes, pipes, and other paraphernalia, as well as adjustable shoulder and waist straps, a combination lock, and a carbon filter-lined front pocket. Perfect for storing an empty grinder along with your car keys and headphones.

The Best Stash Bags On Amazon

Hush Case

Who doesn’t love Amazon, the site where you’ll find literally anything? If you’re going on Amazon for your stash bag, then be sure to look up the Hush Case. Hush Case has its own website too, but if you already have items in your cart, then you might as well make Amazon your one-stop-shop.

In addition to being lined with proprietary carbon liner to eliminate odors, Hush Case features a top insert that can be used to store your blunt wraps, joint papers, dabber tool, and more depending on the type of connoisseur.

Moreover, it comes with two removable velcro dividers that allow you to divide and organize your goods however you want, and as a bonus safety precaution, a 3-digit combination lock, along with instructions on how to set it.

The Best Stash Bag-Wallet

RYOT Roller Wallet

Photo courtesy of RYOT

You can’t be expected to carry around a rolling tray wherever you go, so the RYOT Roller Wallet is a great alternative for rolling and packing on the go.

This pocket-friendly rolling contraption fits easily into your bag, and the easily loaded tray design and storage compartment make smoking on the road easier and more convenient than anything.

Revelry Mini Broker

The ideal choice for those who need a highly discreet way to transport their stash with them on the go, this odor-proof pouch is perfect for protecting your valuables. The Mini Broker boasts an innovative 3-layer activated charcoal liner that absorbs and completely neutralizes even the strongest of odors so that you can rest assured that your valuables will not be detected by anyone – including dogs!

Available in a variety of colors and patterns including Aztec and Camo, there’s sure to be a Revelry Mini Broker that suites your travel needs.

Skunk Bags Mr. Slick

best stash bags wallet

Photography by Kaya Blaze Kelley for Herb

For a little something-something to guard your dabs on-the-fly, along with your ID, debit cards, and credit cards, you need a stash bag and wallet in one, like the Skunk Bags Mr. Slick. Mr. Skunk is especially convenient for dabbers as it features not only a platinum-cured silicone mat but also a storage pocket for wax, plus panels to store cards and papers.

Its odor absorption technology and antimicrobial microfibers keep even the most potent concentrates’ aroma covered. Moreover, its external zipper closure makes it so that you can toss the Skunk Bags Mr. Slick in your bag or pocket without having everything come tumbling out and creating a mess.

The Most Beautiful Stash Bags

Revelry Stowaway

Designed to be your carry-on buddy, the Stowaway from Revelry Supply offers the protection of a hardshell case wrapped in water-resistant fabric with different stylish colors, 12 in total. It’s a bag 2-4 times the size of a typical travel tote. It’s as tough and rugged as the outdoors, with an interior that is beyond water, odor, and stain-resistant.

By keeping the smell inside and only allowing fresh air in, Revelry’s Carbon Filter System is the best way to protect you and your family from second-hand smoke. With this bag, you’ll get to keep your precious stash safe and unnoticed while complementing your style with its classy look.

Stashlogix Highland

best stash bags

Photography by Kaya Blaze Kelley for Herb

Messenger bags are the best when you’re always on your feet. They’re comfortable on the shoulders and back and provide room for your laptop, books, and in the Highland’s case, your weed too. The Highland is an excellent stash bag for students, those who have busy jobs with a lot of coming and going, and people with long commutes alike.

Aside from having multiple pockets throughout, including one for your cell, iPad, and of course, your flower, wax, and other weed essentials, Highland is weather-proof and odor-resistant. And if you need to leave your desk for any reason and can’t take your bag with you, then you can use its included poker tool to set the code on its lock. That way, nosey colleagues or classmates won’t be free to go exploring.

The Best Stash Backpack

RYOT International

Photo courtesy of RYOT

A small backpack doesn’t always cut it when it comes to high-stakes adventures, like going on a hike-filled road trip or backpacking across the country.

Here’s where the International by RYOT comes in, a perfect cornerstone for the cannabis lifestyle of the wandering traveler. This big backpack comes with SmellSafe odor protection technology and plenty of pockets and compartments to organize the stash and accessories.

The ergonomic back panel with airflow zones keeps it comfortable to wear, while the vast space inside holds anything you could need on adventures.

Genius Backpack

best stash bags genius pipe

Photo courtesy of Genius Pipe

Another awesome smell-proof product from Genius Pipe, a brand that we’ve come to love at Herb for the usability and convenience of their stuff. This backpack, the first product ever released by Genius’ Geniuswear collection, will be your everyday companion. Whether it is a long hike through the woods or a small cruise around town, the Genius Backpack will serve you.

This backpack is waterproof and smell proof, so you can walk around and not worry about stinking up the place or getting your precious goodies wet under the rain. It’s got three compartments to store everything you need and an interior soft leather padding that will protect anything you carry around in it.

Another great feature of the Genius Backpack is that it works as a bag, backpack, or pouch so you can wear it however you like.

Revelry Escort

Photo courtesy of Revelry Supply

The Escort combines the convenience of a regular backpack with the added security of storing your cannabis and tobacco in odor-proof zippered pouches. You can get to your stash at a moment’s notice without ever worrying about someone questioning what you have inside.

This weatherproof backpack has triple-layer odor locking technology to protect against odors, it features a water-resistant exterior to prevent moisture from getting in the bag, and all of your belongings will be safe! It’s the ideal backpack for the outdoor enthusiast.

Skunk Bags Urban Backpacks

best stash bags backpack

Photography by Kaya Blaze Kelley for Herb

Prefer a backpack for your stashing needs? If so, then once again, Skunk Bags is the way to go. The Urban, in particular, is one of their best-sellers, and also one of our faves. It’s casual and provides a ton of space inside for your computer, books, water bottle, Mary Jane, and the rest of the gang.

There’s a front pocket as well for storing other items separately, such as a change of clothes or a snack. Most importantly, Urban is 100% smell-proof thanks to premium activated carbon lining. Regardless of how adventurous your life may be, this stash backpack can keep up with anything and help you keep up too by holding all your supplies until it’s that time again.

Read our guide to the best smell-proof backpacks for weed for more!

The Best Weed Stash Bag For Traveling Afar

RYOT Pro Duffle

Photo courtesy of RYOT

The RYOT Pro Duffle is the perfect staple for someone who is always on the go.

The customizable padded design creates ample storage for all smoking supplies, while the SmellSafe Carbon Series technology keeps odors from escaping the duffle.

Made from durable exterior weatherproof canvas fabric, it’s ready to weather any storm and be the perfect companion on any adventure.

Revelry Drifter

Photo courtesy of Revelry Supply

You don’t have time to read long reviews and pick a bag with dozens of features that you’ll never use. You need something dependable, easy to carry, and that will protect your valuables. With its roll-top design, the Drifter provides you with extra room – so it can carry more than just a laptop.

The Drifter is the perfect pack for your next adventure. Featuring convenient hang tabs, padded shoulder straps, and an adjustable sternum strap, there’s no end to the adventures you can have with this rucksack.

ONGROK Travel Case

best stash bags

Photography by Kaya Blaze Kelley for Herb

Technically, any stash bag can be travel-friendly, but for vacations and business trips, not really. For extended stays away from home, you need a stash bag for protection and to preserve the freshness of your herb. The travel case from ONGROK is that stash bag and will even blend in with the rest of your luggage.

Complete with your choice of two 1/4 oz or 1/2 glass jars, an airtight zipper with sealing lubricant, mesh net pockets, adjustable nylon velcro straps, interior dividers, and a grinder station, this stash bag will secure your gadgets and devices and maintain the quality of your buds and concentrates during your travels.

For an additional seven bucks, you can also purchase a lock, which isn’t a bad idea if you plan on leaving the bag behind in your hotel room or somewhere just as risky.

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