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Want Your Edibles To Kick In Faster? Try These 3 Tips

Never wait for the high again.

Edibles are a great option for those who want to stay away from smoking.

They’re also ideal for individuals with stronger tolerances who adore that moment when the anticipated high finally hits.

But sometimes, the waiting game isn’t so fun. If you’re craving the euphoric effects of cannabis, you probably don’t want to wait an hour for those effects to appear.

Edibles take so long to kick in that you can practically forget you’ve taken an edible until the effects are noticeable.

If you’re searching for ways to make your edibles hit faster, look no further. We’ve compiled three tips below to help your edibles kick in right now, not in an hour.

Timing Is Key

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If you’ve just eaten dinner and want to eat an edible, we’d suggest waiting a bit until you’re hungry again.

Eating an edible right after a meal can slow down the process even further, as your body is already working to digest whatever you just ate.

Similarly, taking an edible on an empty stomach might also help it kick in faster. If the edible is the only thing your body is digesting, it will work quickly to break things down and send nutrients, or in this case, THC, your way.

It’s worth noting that taking edibles on an empty stomach may cause dizziness and lightheadedness. Be sure to drink some water, tea, or chicken broth before and after you’ve taken it.

The Best Fast Acting Edibles


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If you want to buy an edible, we recommend trying renowned brands. And one of the biggest hemp and cannabis brands out there is Binoid.

This Californian-based company is a great reference when talking about hemp. They have been pioneers with cannabinoids while creating rich and easy-to-use products.

Their edibles are a great option, not only because they taste good, they are fully potent. These treats come in a 20-piece pack with 25mg of their concentrated Delta 8 THC extract.

You can find them in several delicious flavors like;

  • Sweet and Sour Green Apple
  • Luscious Peach Dream
  • Creamy strawberry bliss. 

Our choice? Get a mixed flavor pack to try them all, as they feel like a treat in both effects and flavor.

These are perfect for everyone, including people with dietary restrictions, as they are 100% vegan and gluten-free. And effect-wise, they are great for newcomers and cannaseurs alike, as they give an invigorating yet calming body sensation that can lift your mood.

Herb tip: You can easily microdose these if you are new to edibles, as they can give you the wellness effects with milder highs. 

You can check these flavorful gummies over at Binoid’s website or learn more about their vape cartridges and vape pens.

Sip On Something Warm

And that brings us to our next point. Whether you’re on an empty stomach or just finished a meal, a warm drink or chicken broth can help ease digestion.

This tip isn’t so much of a fact but rather a tried and true method that many stoners include in their edible routine.

The theory states that eating an edible and sipping on something warm may help the stomach break down your edible quicker by speeding up digestion.

Try Water-Soluble Edibles

There aren’t too many surefire tips on how to make your edibles kick in faster. However, there is one form of edibles that was designed to take effect in under 15 minutes.

These are called water-soluble edibles, also known as nano-emulsified edibles. They might seem a little too lab-oriented for those who prefer more natural methods, but that simply isn’t true.

Nano emulsification is an innovative method that uses nano (small) water-soluble molecules from cannabis oils to create beverages and edibles.

Regular fat-soluble molecules that bind with fats (e.g., cannabutter) must be broken down by the stomach and the large intestine before they produce effects.

Water-soluble edibles are broken down in the mouth, stomach, and liver, meaning they don’t need to go through the lengthy large intestine before they take effect.

If you’re looking for a powerful nano-emulsified edible, try STIIIZY’s 90mg Gummy Edibles. They’re safe, potent, reliable, and fast-acting; a true stoner’s dream come true.

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