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Learn | 09.19.2022

7 Weed Manicure Ideas The Chic Stoner Will Adore

Ask your nail tech for one of these dank designs during your next trip to the salon.

There’s a new weed trend on everyone’s lips. More specifically, it’s on their nails.

From big and bold to soft and subtle, weed nails are quicking popping off. By weed nails, I mean anything you could imagine. People have actually brought in bits and chunks of their favorite strain for the nail tech to glue them down and create a 3D effect.

Or, it could be as simple as asking for a marijuana leaf logo on the accent nail. This new wave of weed manicures makes me wonder, what kind of weed nail designs are out there and which one is the best option for me?

If you’ve wondered the same, check out some trendy weed nail ideas below, and feel free to get creative with help from some dank inspiration.

Literal Weed Nails

She clearly wanted to go all-out with her weed nails.

It looks like the nail tech froze some flakes in time between layers of clear coats. Is it weird to think these are actually cute? And hey, if she ever runs out and needs a quick bowl, she came prepared.

Loud & Proud

Again with the weed flakes! If you’re from a region where cannabis is legal, try bringing in some bits, chucks, and flakes of your favorite strain for the nail tech to incorporate into your manicure.

While the design above was more minimalist, some people prefer their nails to be loud and proud like themselves.

If that’s the case, get all the glitter, shimmer, and glam you can.

Back To The Basics

Whether you’re celebrating 420, 710, or simply just love smoking weed, you can’t go wrong with a simple matte design like this.

A clean look comes with matte nails; they’re so pleasing to the eye, especially since the design is rather quiet compared to the ones above.

Chic Patterns

It doesn’t get much more straightforward than a plain white nail with a rich green marijuana leaf.

These weed nails are an excellent, easy, and reliable option that you know will bring in some compliments.

It’s a chic and minimalist design that’s a little more down-to-earth compared to the ones above.

Up In Smoke

Instead of a classic marijuana leaf, why not go for a special little portrait of a ganja smoke-blowing goddess?

The unique design is split up to fit all fingers and, needless to say, might be the best representation of your relationship with the plant. It’s a stunning option that will definitely draw some eyes.

Blunt Baby

Do you love your Swisher Sweets?

Don’t toss the package just yet; save that logo and some other weed bits and bring them over to the nail salon. You’ll definitely be putting your nail tech’s skills to the test, but the result is worth it.

Don’t be afraid to ask for some extra glam with jewels and studs for a luxurious boost.

Black & Gold

You don’t always have to get green weed nails.

Hopefully, your nail tech is skilled enough to pull off several identical marijuana leaves. Instead of opting for green, try a more modern and classy design with shades like black with gold accents.

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