10 best bongs under $50


No need to spend all your savings for a sweet rip.

Brittney Sanger
Jan 6, 2018

Can’t we all just get a bong? In this day and age, you bet your grass you can. There are practically more bongs out there than tubes of toothpaste. You have your beaker base bongs, your straight stem bongs, and, of course, your perc bongs too. And that’s not even the whole shebang. So how do you begin to narrow your choices down? Rather than just picking one out, spending a fortune, and hoping for the best, take a look at these 10 best bongs under $50 dollars.

1. The Strong Silicone

Bong6 10 best bongs under $50
Photo courtesy of Strong Silicone

A bong made entirely out of silicone sounds cheap, but for weed smokers who continually indulge in physical activities or who have dropped way too many glass pieces in their day, a little bendy bong—as 420 Science calls it—is a must-have. Not only is the Strong Silicone heat-resistant, but it’s also damage-proof and compact. Oh, and it comes with a “nearly indestructible” stash jar too.

2. Black Leaf Glass Beaker Base Ice Bong with Precooler

Bong7 10 best bongs under $50
Photo courtesy of Grass City

If you’re shopping for a bong that’s fit to rip and enhances the quality of your smoke, look no further than this percolator ice bong by Black Leaf. The device comes equipped with a pre-cooler with an integrated bowl, which acts as a filter to keep ash and other nasty substances at bay. In return, you get to spend more time pulling and less time cleaning.

3. UPC Flat Beaker

Bong10 10 best bongs under $50
Photo courtesy of Smoke Cartel

Looking for a smoking tool that’s basic but still gets the job done? If so, then this lovely beaker base bong from Smoke Cartel is perfect for you. It’s a straightforward piece. It’s an ideal buy for newbies shopping for their first bong.

4. The Gravitron

Bong2 10 best bongs under $50
Photo courtesy of Dank Stop

A gravity bong is a stoner staple. But unlike that junky concoction you smoked out of as a teenager, the Gravitron by Grav Labs consists of durable, high-quality scientific glass. Not to mention, it holds the smoke in its inner chamber so that you never waste any of your precious herbs.

5. The Straight Cylinder Bong

Bong3 10 best bongs under $50
Photo courtesy of Everyone Does It

Taller bongs deliver fuller, stronger hits. Also, they’re super low-maintenance as far as cleaning goes. Whether you want something large and in charge for daily sessions or a device that’s just a functional classic, the straight cylinder bong by Art Glass is a good match.

6. Roll uh Bowl

Bong8 10 best bongs under $50
Photo courtesy of Roll Uh Bowl

Again, every weed smoker needs an unbreakable silicone bong. The Roll uh Bowl, in particular, is fantastic for active consumers as it can fold up with ease and be tucked away in your backpack, purse, etc. And it packs one hell of a mean punch for its size.

7. The Mini Honeycomb Bong

Bong4 10 best bongs under $50
Photo courtesy of Badass Glass

Regardless of whether you’re searching for a bong that doesn’t take up a lot of space or you just want a little something to brighten up your room, this mini honeycomb bong from Badass Glass will fulfill your needs.

8. Clear Glass Circ Recycler Water Pipe

Bong5 10 best bongs under $50
Photo courtesy of Hasmoke

For under $50, you cannot beat this monster here. In fact, it is quite possibly the best bong you’ll see at such an unbeatable price. And with its see-through, sturdy glass, you’ll have the time of your life gawking at all the bubble action occurring within.

9. LIT GLASS 12″ Bent Tube Bong with LED Light

Bong1 10 best bongs under $50
Photo courtesy of Cannabis Culture

A bong with a built-in LED light? If that won’t spice up your late-night smoke sessions then what will? Based on its cool factor, and the fact that its tubing is perfectly grabbable, you need this rad-looking bong in your life.

10. The Blueberry Ink Pot

BOng9 10 best bongs under $50
Photo courtesy of Smoke Day

With the Blueberry Ink Pot, flower isn’t the only form of pot you get to enjoy. The device includes a dry bowl and an oil dome set for multiple types of smoking. Not to mention, it features a one-of-a-kind design that you won’t see at most headshops.

Brittney Sanger
Jan 6, 2018