How To Dab Cannabis Concentrates

Dabbing cannabis concentrates is all the rave amongst faithful smokers. We want to make sure you know the proper dabbing techniques.

Jan 20, 2016

Cannabis concentrates are the biggest thing since the bong in the world of weed. The concentrates come as oils, wax, shatter, rosin, and probably a few other forms that we haven’t even heard of yet. Marijuana typically contains around 10-25% THC but concentrates usually have closer to 70-90% THC giving you a monster high.

When I first learned about concentrates I was curious, but turned off by the seemingly labor-intensive process. Buying a new “rig” or adapter for my bong and then torching it with a device that I had only previously used to melt and scrape paint seemed daunting to me. But as the popularity of dabbing overcame my stubbornness I gave in and found that it’s not all that bad—the high makes it worth it. Here is the rundown on the tools and process you need to follow in order to take a dab.


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Marijuana concentrate

Get your concentrates ready, whether it be oil, shatter, wax, or rosin this is the first tool you’ll need to head down the dab path.

A Rig

You can purchase a rig that is specifically designed for taking dabs, or you can buy an attachment that will turn your bong into a dabbing apparatus.

Titanium Nail

If you buy a rig, it will come with a nail. Try to be sure it is titanium—that’s the most durable. If you are attaching a nail to your bong, let the person selling it to you know the gauge of your adapter so you get the right size.


A dome is the glass bulb that goes around your nail to help control the flow of vapor. Some rigs have domeless nails in which case you won’t need to purchase the extra glass. Be sure to ask if your nail needs a dome or not.

A Torch

This is probably the second most essential tool for dabbing. You can get an industrial sized propane torch from Home Depot, or you can purchase a smaller sized torch from most head shops or places where marijuana concentrates are sold.

A Dabber

This is the metal or ceramic utensil that you will use to place the concentrate on the nail, once you have heated it. Concentrates are notoriously messy so keeping a distance between your fingers and them is key—also, you aren’t going to want to touch the nail with your bare hands… it’s hot!

Now that you have gathered the necessary tools for dabbing marijuana concentrates, take a seat at a table and get ready to dab. The following steps will guide you through the dabbing process.


howtodabdab Am I Allowed To Take My Cannabis On An Airplane?
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1. Prepare your marijuana concentrate on the dabber. If this is your first time dabbing, start small—something the size of the tip of a pencil will probably work.

2. Turn your torch on and aim it at your nail. Most people will heat their nail until it begins to glow red. To avoid creating vapor that is too hot for your lungs, let the nail cool for about 10-15 seconds after it turns red.

3. Take your dabber and touch it to the nail. You will notice that a proper dabber has a sort of rounded scoop at one end. This end will easily match the rounded nail allowing you to vaporize all of the concentrate you scooped. Make sure that you are also pulling on the mouthpiece of the rig, just as you would when taking a bong hit. Otherwise, the vapor will just float away.

4. Last step—exhale the super-potent marijuana concentrate and let the good times roll. For your first few times dabbing you might want to stay seated, dabs can give you a head rush that could knock you on your ass.

Do you have any special dabbing techniques? Let us know on social media or in the comments section below.

Jan 20, 2016