Whether you’ve just run out of snacks when the munchies hit or have reached the bottom of the air freshener when your parents are due for a visit—every marijuana enthusiast has stoner problems, and sometimes the struggle is very real.

1. Broken Bongs

Maybe your bong was broken by your cat, too-stoned friend, or even by your own hand—regardless of the perp, the sight of shattered glass is not easy to swallow. After all, what’s a stoner to do when you’ve got a healthy helping of weed, and nothing to enjoy it through?

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Brenna Daugherty

2. Accidentally Lighting Your Hair on Fire

This is one problem that every long-haired stoner should be very familiar with. All it takes is forgetting to brush your hair out of the way when you light up, and suddenly, you’ve just singed a few inches off of your locks.

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3. Vacationing Without a Dealer Connection

Unless you’re traveling to a place like Amsterdam, chances of securing a marijuana hook-up while on vacation will be rather slim. If you don’t leave with established connections already in place, then be prepared to occupy yourself with activities other than enjoying some good bud.

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4. The Wind

Be it wind and lighters or wind and joints—wind just does not mix with stoner activities. Is there anything worse than failing to light up because a strong gust just blew out your fire?

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5. Rolling a Subpar Joint

While a subpar joint may still be enjoyable, every stoner should be able to roll the perfect joint with ease. If your rolling chops aren’t quite there yet, get practicing (just in time for your next group session).

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6. Getting Skipped in the Circle

After everyone has taken a few hits, it might get difficult to keep track of who’s turn it is in the circle. Being the person that passes the joint to the wrong friend might be rough, but there’s still nothing worse than being skipped altogether.

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7. Where the Munchies at?

It should be a rule of thumb for every stoner to have their cupboards stocked with snacks at all times. You never know when the munchies will hit, and you definitely want to be prepared for when they do. Delivery services aren’t always as reliable as they should be, especially if you’re smoking up late into the night.

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8. Fresh Out of Air Freshener

As an avid stoner, it’s important to remember that not everyone appreciates the smell of weed, be it lingering on your clothing or in your room. Body spray and air freshener are essential, especially if you are expecting company. Can you imagine being hit with a surprise visit from your parents without having anything to mask the smell of your bud?

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9. Losing Your Lighter (Always)

Lighters are probably one of the easiest things to lose or misplace for any stoner. If you often share your lighter with friends, then chances are you also go through many in any given year.

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10. Scraping Resin

Whether you’re scraping your pipes and bowls for smokable resin or simply giving them a well needed clean, the scraping is constant.

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