5 Tips For Introducing Someone To Dabs

Your first experience with a dab can shape how you view the activity for a lifetime. Here’s how to properly introduce a newbie to cannabis concentrates.

Sep 16, 2016

For the cannabis newcomer, dabs can look a little scary. There’s a torch and a metal nail involved. Not something that looks particularly medicinal or therapeutic. Cannabis concentrates are also extremely potent. After just one dab, many novice consumers find themselves more blissed out than they anticipated. To help shed some of the fear and make the process pleasurable here are five tips for introducing someone to dabs.

1. Cultivate a comfy, relaxed environment

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It’s well known that some people are more likely to experience cannabis-related anxiety than others. Yet, environment plays a major role in whether or not someone becomes anxious. This makes cultivating a comfortable, relaxed space an important step when introducing someone to dabs.

Cannabis concentrates consistently have a THC content of over 60%, which makes you more likely to swing toward anxiousness. To help your concentrate noob relax, put on some easy listening and make sure your space is warm and inviting.

2. Have some water handy

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This one is a no-brainer. Dabs can be extremely tough on your throat. Nails are often heated to around 900°F (482°C), which makes the vapor especially harsh for someone who has never tried dabbing before.

Having plenty of ice water handy from the get-go can save someone from embarrassment and a truly unpleasant, painful coughing fit after their first hit. If you want to be a truly amazing host, you may even consider having some popsicles in your freezer.

For the record, 900°F is a high-temperature dab. To get the most flavor out of your concentrates, check out this article on high temp vs. low temp dabbing.

3. Start with tiny dabs

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There are a few reasons people fall in love with dabs. First, they provide an extremely enjoyable, clear, and euphoric high. Second, concentrates taste amazing and you can really get a sense of the various flavors and aromas in a strain. Third, dabs provide very rapid and potent medication to those who need fast, effective relief.

Yet, for someone to fully appreciate all of these benefits, they’ll need to start slow. Dabs can be intense for even experienced cannabis consumers, so it’s recommended to start very small.

Microdosing your first dab or two allows you to get a sense of the flavor, the heat, and the general effects before you dive into a larger, more psychoactive or sedative experience.

4. Show them how it’s done & offer to serve them up

If your dab inductee is a regular cannabis smoker, they may have the natural tendency to try to pull out the nail before they clear your rig. Obviously, this will burn the bejeezus out of their hand.

Doing a dab yourself and explaining how to use the rig prior to their first taste will help avoid any confusion. It will also help prevent them from overheating the nail or wasting precious oil due to improper form.

To make things as easy as possible, it is nice to offer to prep the nail and serve up the dab for them. The do-it-yourself types may not like this, but those who are apprehensive about how to properly do a dab will appreciate your consideration.

5. Be prepared to chill out for a while

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Even if you started small, dabs can be a bit intense for those with a low THC tolerance. Sativa concentrates can be invigorating. Yet, if you consume too high of a dose, you may find yourself heavy-lidded and slow moving.

The potent high can also last a few hours, so be prepared to spend some quality time waiting to come down for a bit. This is probably a great occasion to order some take-out, watch a movie, and call a taxi for a ride home if needed.

Cannabis concentrates are amazing. There’s no better way to enjoy the complex flavors of the cannabis plant, and they produce a different effect than the standard joint. But, a bad first experience with dabbing can easily turn someone away from the experience.

Concentrate noobs will definitely appreciate a relaxed and enjoyable introduction to the intimidating consumption method.

Do you have any tips for dab noobs? Share with us on Facebook, Twitter, or in the comments below. We’d love to hear from you!

Sep 16, 2016