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Herb’s Guide To The Best Cannabis Products On The Planet

In a sea of weed products, this is what stands out.

When it comes to ways to utilize nature’s most beneficial herb, the possibilities are infinite. Cannabis is so much more than joints and blunts. The cannabis industry is expanding at breakneck speed, and a vast array of products are flooding the market. This means that it’s helpful to have a little guidance to finding what really stands out from the pack.

While some say cannabis is not for everyone, but the truth is, it can be with the right consumption method. Find what works for you using this ultimate guide to the best cannabis products on the planet.

Best CBD Coffee and Weed Coffee

When you have a cupboard full of weed coffee and CBD coffee, every day is a good day. Weed coffee wakes you up with a buzz and can make a dreadful Monday feel like a fabulous Friday. CBD coffee, on the other hand, doesn’t get you high, but still makes for a feel-good cup of Joe. From lifting you up to calming you down to reviving motivation, weed coffee and CBD coffee does everything regular coffee doesn’t, and more.

The Best CBD Coffee Beans

FOCUS Hemp Oil Infused Coffee- Strava Craft Coffee

HERBs guide to the 100 best cannabis products1 Herbs Guide To The Best Cannabis Products On The Planet
Photo courtesy of stravacraftcoffee.com

Sometimes coffee can put you on edge and make you jittery. CBD coffee, however, provides the perfect dose of caffeine and alertness, without the shakes. One of the best cannabis products for early mornings and midday pick-me-ups is FOCUS Hemp Oil Infused Coffee from Strava Craft Coffee. Each 12oz bag contains 30mg of CBD and features exceptional tasting notes of brown sugar, ripe cherry, and natural cocoa. In addition to leaving you bright-eyed and bushy-tailed after just a few sips, FOCUS whole bean coffee delivers the right amount of calm and focus, so that you start each day off right.

The Best Cold Brew CBD Coffee

Mary Joe Coffee- Mary Joe Brand

Herbs Guide To The Best Cannabis Products On The Planet149 Herbs Guide To The Best Cannabis Products On The Planet
Photo courtesy of maryjoebrand.com

It’s rare that you’ll find a cold brew coffee that delivers relaxation and energy at the same time. But with Mary Joe Coffee, you get the best of both worlds. Mary Joe Coffee is a divine blend of caffeine, pure water, laboratory-tested CBD extract, and the finest organic coffee beans. Per each charming six fl oz bottle, you get a 10mg serving of CBD, smooth flavors, and the most chill, yet uplifting experience that a cold brew can give.

The Best Cold Brew THC-Infused Weed Coffee

10MG Coffee Shot- Somatik

HERBs guide to the 100 best cannabis products19 Herbs Guide To The Best Cannabis Products On The Planet
Photo courtesy of somatik.us

When you’re a busybody with a tight schedule, it’s hard to find time for anything, even if it is just a simple cup of coffee. With Somatik’s cold-brew, cannabis-infused coffee shot, you can get energized, revitalized, and ready for action in little to no time. Each bottle has  10mg of THC inside, which isn’t a lot but is just enough to get the job done. It delivers a euphoric, yet balanced high that won’t steal away your motivation or stamina, and combines delicate flavors of cherry, herbaceous, and bright lemon for a tasty, easy-to-down beverage whenever you’re in need of a light, but useful caffeine boost. No more endless lines at Starbucks.

The Best Weed Beer and CBD Beer

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a beer that delivers warm and fuzzy feels but doesn’t get you drunk or make you hungover the next day?  As it turns out, such a thing exists, and it’s called weed beer.

If you think there must be a catch to cannabis-infused beer, then you’re right. Weed beer doesn’t contain any alcohol, but that’s just the beauty of it. You get the same crisp flavors you love about your favorite craft beer, but without destroying your body. Instead, weed beer replaces the spins and harmful effects with a smooth high and all the body/mind benefits that come along with it. At last, there’s a beer you won’t regret.

The Best CBD-Infused Beer

High Flyer Session IPA- Cloud 9 Brewing

HERBs guide to the 100 best cannabis products11 Herbs Guide To The Best Cannabis Products On The Planet
Photo courtesy of cloudninebrewing.co

Who doesn’t appreciate an ice-cold IPA on a hot summer’s day, or any day of the year really? Straight out of the UK is the High Flyer Session IPA by Cloud 9 Brewing. High Flyer is unlike anything you’ll pick up from your local gas station or grocery store. This beer, in particular, is filled with tasty terpenes, cannabinoids, and exotic flavors. While the hoppy High Flyer combines alcohol and CBD in one beverage, it goes down surprisingly smooth, even for those who might be new to IPAs. The aftertaste is refreshing and with citrus notes that aren’t too bitter, or too sweet. This one won’t get you high, but it’ll take your booze-drinking experience to the next level guaranteed.

The Best THC-Infused Beer

Two Roots- Two Roots Brewing Company

HERBs guide to the 100 best cannabis products16 copy Herbs Guide To The Best Cannabis Products On The Planet
Photo courtesy of tworootsbrewing.com

Due to current laws and regulations, THC and alcohol together is a big no-no. But if you think you can get down with a tolerable buzz instead of the spins, then Two Roots cannabis beers are where it’s at. Despite having a lack of alcohol content, Two Roots is one of the best cannabis products for savoring the familiar taste of your favorite craft beer and the same laid-back high you get from smoking on a J. There are several pours to choose from, such as Blonde Ale, Wheat, New West IPA, Stout, and Lager, and each can consists of just 2.5mg THC, making the effects as easy to control as regular beer, if not easier.

The Best CBD Water and Weed Water

If you’re one of those people that have been forever turning their nose up to a plain cup of water, meet the new h20, cannabis water. Cannabis water hydrates and fills your body with beneficial cannabinoids by the gulp. Of all the means of cannabis consumption, CBD and THC-infused water are the simplest. Not to mention, the most natural.

CBD water and weed water go down the same way as the next beverage. Moreover, you don’t have to do any measuring or perform any trial runs to figure out your best dose, making these enhanced h20s easy to slide into even the strictest day-to-day routine. Just sip slow, as you would with any other drink, give them time to react, and go from there.

The Best CBD Water

CBD Living Water

HERBs guide to the 100 best cannabis products2 Herbs Guide To The Best Cannabis Products On The Planet
Photo courtesy of cbdlivingwater.com

Pure h20 has always been the most valuable resource on earth. The majority of your body is comprised of it, and it’s essential in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. But now that companies like CBD Living are adding CBD to it, it’s becoming beneficial in ways many people could have ever imagined.

CBD Living Water is one of the best cannabis products for anyone to incorporate into their wellness routine. CBD Living Water uses nanotechnology to provide the body with not only maximum hydration but also complete CBD absorption. For those who are new to cannabidiol, figuring out the best method to consume CBD can feel intimidating, but with CBD Living Water, it can be as natural and painless as tossing back a regular glass of water.

The Best Flavored CBD Water

CBD Infused Coconut Water Mix- Oleo

Herbs Guide To The Best Cannabis Products On The Planet126 Herbs Guide To The Best Cannabis Products On The Planet
Photo courtesy of oleolife.com

Flavor factor aside, everyone is crazy over coconut water primarily because of its countless health benefits, from promoting digestion to relieving migraines. Add CBD to the mix, and you get double the body/mind repair and recovery. Oleo CBD Infused Coconut Water Mix is one of the best cannabis products for a more potent, fast-acting CBD experience. It consists of 25mg microencapsulated CBD powder, making it more bioavailable to your body, and is loaded with electrolytes, vitamins, and minerals.


HERBs guide to the 100 best cannabis products15 copy Herbs Guide To The Best Cannabis Products On The Planet
Photo courtesy of pearl2o.com

Cooking with cannabis is never going to be the same again. Pearl2o is the water solution that’s changing the edible game. Pearl2o, unlike weed butter and oil, disperses THC evenly and has no weed taste or smell, or calories, sugar, fat, or cholesterol. Not to mention, it has a faster reaction time, and its effects can usually be noticed anywhere from 5 to 45 minutes after consumption.

Just like regular water, you can boil, bake, and mix with Pearl2o. One thing to be aware of is that to prevent the CBD and THC from breaking down; cooking temperatures shouldn’t exceed 300 F. Still, Pearl2o is one of the best cannabis products for convenient, healthy cooking, like smoothies or a savory soups.  Pearl2o comes in an array of manageable doses, including 100mg and 50mg THC/CBD, plus 10mg THC/CBD single-serving vials/packs.

The Best Carbonated Weed Water

Hi-Fi Hops- Lagunitas Brewing Company

Herbs Guide To The Best Cannabis Products On The Planet127 Herbs Guide To The Best Cannabis Products On The Planet
Photo courtesy of abx.org

AbsoluteXtracts and Lagunitas Brewing Company recently teamed up to present Hi-Fi Hops, a cannabis-infused, calorie and carb-free sparkling water drink with IPA attributes. This dank bevy doesn’t contain alcohol and doesn’t taste like it either, or weed on that note. It’s like sipping on a La Croix, but it’s hoppy and more satisfying. Available in two doses, 10 mg THC and 5:5 mg THC/CBD,  a rush of euphoria awaits you with Hi-Fi Hops. Serve it chilled for the best vibes.

The Best CBD Soda

Who said sodas couldn’t be healthy? CBD sodas are often less sugary, and sometimes sugar-free, but also may come with wellness bonuses, like stress relief and reduced inflammation, to point out a couple.


HERBs guide to the 100 best cannabis products3 Herbs Guide To The Best Cannabis Products On The Planet
Photo courtesy of drinksprig.com

One of the best cannabis products to drink on hot summer’s day is Sprig’s sparkling CBD Sodas. They’re also just what you need to replace Coke,  Dr. Pepper, or other sugary carbonated beverage in your routine. Sprig’s refreshing options- Lemon Tea, Melon, and Citrus- come sugar-free. But if you’re not against cane sugar, then there’s another Citrus flavor with added sugar to fall in love with as well. Each can of fizzy goodness contains 20 mg of the highest quality CBD, comes in a pack of four and is one of few sodas made for active, health-minded individuals.

The Best Weed Tea and CBD Tea

Tea is fantastic for your body and soul. For the healing properties of cannabis minus the high, fill your cup up with CBD tea. CBD tea provides warm relaxation and awakens your senses. Weed tea does the equivalent but also adds euphoria to the mix.

The Best THC-Infused Tea


HERBs guide to the 100 best cannabis products18 Herbs Guide To The Best Cannabis Products On The Planet
Photo courtesy of kikoko.com

Kikoko is everyone’s cup of tea. If you have some serious catching up to do on your zzz’s, then a cup of Kikoko’s Tranquili-Tea and its 3mg THC/5mg CBN content will put you out but won’t leave you feeling groggy in the morning. For increased sex-drive there’s Sensuali-Tea, which has 7mg of THC per tea bag, to rekindle the spark and bring you and your significant other back the honeymoon phase.

For battling the blues use Positivi-Tea (10mg THC/5mg CBN) and for taming the pain, give Sympa-Tea (3mg THC/20mg CBN) a try. Whatever you need, Kikoko is here to provide relief, one smooth sip at a time.

Aside from being gorgeously discreet, all Kikoko infused teas are free of pesticides and toxins. Also, they have no fat, no weed aroma or flavor, and are precisely dosed. Plus they’re all about giving back. To help critically and chronically ill children who rely on cannabis as medicine, Kikoko donates 5% of their profits to non-profit organizations that give families affordable access to cannabis-based treatments.


A Complete Guide to All the Best Bongs on the Market391 Herbs Guide To The Best Cannabis Products On The Planet
Photo courtesy of shanestea.com

If it’s always tea o’clock in your household, then it’s high time you upgrade from the same bland brew to a more buzzy blend, like Shanes Tea. These infused teas made our list of the best cannabis products not only because of their exquisite taste, but also because they offer the perfect mixture of spices, herbs, and tea leaves in every bottle. Shanes Tea is available in five incredible flavors- Chai, Raspberry, Honey-green, Mango, 50/50. Each tea has 45mg of THC and will have you smitten, stoned, satisfied, and so ready for another.

The Best CBD Tea

The Brothers Apothecary

Herbs Guide To The Best Cannabis Products On The Planet2 Herbs Guide To The Best Cannabis Products On The Planet
Photo courtesy of thebrothersapothecary.com

What’s more relieving than a hot cup of tea? That would be CBD tea, of what I like to call “meditation in a mug”. No matter if you’re into green tea, kava, or something else, The Brothers Apothecary likely has what you need. In every tea bag, you get locally grown, lab-tested CBD-rich hemp, in addition to wildcrafted organic ingredients and of course, a modest dose of caffeine. These CBD teas empower both the body and mind.

The Best CBD Bath Bombs and THC Bath Bombs

THC and CBD infused bath bombs will make you want to stay in the tub an extra hour. And let me tell you, they’re worth the pruney fingers. Just like regular bath bombs, they come in a variety of pretty colors and refreshing scents but come with the remedial features of cannabis. Some will relieve pain, some will help you rest,  and some even turn you on. That’s all the more incentive to add cannabis bath bombs to your self-care ritual.

Kush Queen

Herbs Guide To The Best Cannabis Products On The Planet3 Herbs Guide To The Best Cannabis Products On The Planet
Photo courtesy of kushqueencannabis.com

Who doesn’t enjoy a hot, relaxing bath? Hold the bubble bath and make Kush Queen’s CBD-infused bath bombs your new bathtime buddy instead. Kush Queen 25 mg CBD bath bombs made our list of the best cannabis products not only because they’re fun to watch fizz around the tub, but also because they deliver all sorts of benefits. These bath bombs deliver benefits ranging from increased energy to increased sex-drive by combining essential oils with terpenes and full-spectrum cannabinoids. They also smell amazing and are an excellent way to calm both your body and mind.

Canna Bath Co.

Herbs Guide To The Best Cannabis Products On The Planet4 Herbs Guide To The Best Cannabis Products On The Planet
Photo courtesy of cannabathco.com

Aside from their pleasant smells, bath bombs put on an amusing show and make your water turn to beautiful colors. What’s even more therapeutic than your typical bath bomb, though is THC Bombs from Cannabis Bath Company. They come in multiple aromas like Lavender, Jasmine Ylang Ylang, Bergamot Patchouli, and Coconut Lime. Each THC Bomb is infused with 20mg of THC. Unlike other bath bombs, they won’t stain your tub and can provide all kinds of comfort, from worry relief to relaxation.

The Best Weed Bath Soaks

From soaps to soaks to scrubs, there are all sorts of cannabis products you can use in the shower or tub, and most are made natural and organic, meaning they won’t aggravate sensitive skin or dry it out.

The Best Weed Bath Soak For Pain

Releaf Soak- Papa & Barkley Co.

Herbs Guide To The Best Cannabis Products On The Planet5 Herbs Guide To The Best Cannabis Products On The Planet
Photo courtesy of papaandbarkley.com

After a brutal workout, give Releaf Soak from Papa & Barkley Co. a try. The Releaf Soak is composed of imported Dead Sea salts that will give you an overwhelming sense of calm. More importantly, Releaf Soak will also soothe achy sore muscles. For the full effects of its 1:3 CBD/THC ratio (17mg CBD, 50mg THC), pour about a half a jar into a warm bath and allow it absorb for 15 to 20 minutes. And to take your experience to an even higher level, cover yourself in a medicated body scrub before bathing.

The Best Weed Bath Soak For Menstrual Cycle Relief

Soak- Whoopi & Maya

Herbs Guide To The Best Cannabis Products On The Planet6 Herbs Guide To The Best Cannabis Products On The Planet
Photo courtesy of whoopiandmaya.com

Running a hot bath is one way to relieve the awful mood swings, aches, and pains derived from a menstrual cycle, but it’s only temporary. For relief, that’ll last outside the tub, one of the best cannabis products for women living with painful periods is Soak. Soak by Whoopi & Maya is an infused Epsom Salt that boasts the healing and detoxifying properties of Epsom Salt with those of cannabis. It contains around 25mg of THC per container and comes in three uplifting fragrances, including Amber Moon, the brand’s signature scent, Lavender, and fragrance-free.

The Best CBD Soap

NOOKS + CRANNIES CBD Infused Soap- LEEF Organics

HERBs guide to the 100 best cannabis products5 Herbs Guide To The Best Cannabis Products On The Planet
Photo of LEEF Organics via Facebook

Wash away impurities and reap the benefits of CBD all over with one of the best cannabis products NOOKS + CRANNIES by LEEF Organics. Some users swear by NOOKS + CRANNIES for alleviating common skin conditions, such as eczema and keratosis pilaris. Available in Cucumber Melon, White Tea & Ginger, Charcoal & Clay, and Black Chamomile, each bar of NOOKS + CRANNIES CBD soap contains 20mg of Organic Whole Flower CBD Extract to soothe, hydrate, and re-balance even the most sensitive skin. Furthermore, this CBD soap works as both an antioxidant and an anti-inflammatory. It also features unique packaging that is recyclable and can be used to plant and grow non-GMO tomatoes.

The Best CBD Cream and Weed Topicals

Topicals are one of many ways to experience the beneficial effects of cannabis without lighting up. Topicals can aid in comforting an assortment of skin conditions, from eczema to psoriasis. Some topicals also claim to provide relief from fibromyalgia, menstrual cramps, sports injuries, and more. Not to mention, if you desire to maintain a youthful glow by diminishing fine lines and wrinkles, cannabis-infused facial creams can help.

The Best CBD Sunscreen

Sunny Daze Sun Cream- Felix & Ambrosia

HERBs guide to the 100 best cannabis products6 Herbs Guide To The Best Cannabis Products On The Planet
Photo courtesy of felixandambrosia.com

Keep your shirt off and skin healthy with Sunny Daze Sun Cream. This sunscreen by Felix & Ambrosia protects your skin from the sun’s harmful UVB rays and makes it sparkle and shine.

Aside from shielding your skin from the sunshine and preventing nasty sunburns, Sunny Daze Sun Cream is a fun way to keep your face and body looking young for years to come. Each bottle contains SPF 30, eco-friendly glitter, and the finest hemp-derived hypoallergenic CBD isolate. With this CBD sunscreen, feel free to bust out the tanks and shorts as often as you’d like. Sunny Daze Sun Cream has your back all summer long… and your other parts too.

The Best Topicals For Pain

Canna Hemp X’s Recovery Cream- CBD Fit Recovery

Herbs Guide To The Best Cannabis Products On The Planet7 Herbs Guide To The Best Cannabis Products On The Planet
Photo courtesy of cbdfitrecovery.com

Save yourself a trip to the chiropractor’s office with Canna Hemp X’s Recovery Cream. From skateboarders to basketball players, Canna Hemp X’s Recovery Cream from CBD Fit Recovery is one of the best cannabis products for athletes of any kind. Not only will it work to erase bruises faster, but it will also relieve inflammation, muscle spasms, cramps,  and pre and post workout soreness. It does this without any of the nasty side effects of pain pills.

If you want both hot and cold all-natural therapy, Canna Hemp X’s Recovery Cream is undoubtedly it. Each bottle has 317mg of CBD, in addition to essential organic eucalyptus, peppermint, and rosemary oils for a light scent. All ingredients are organic, gluten-free and non-GMO.

Transdermal Gel Pen- Mary’s Medicinals 

HERB's guide to the 100 best cannabis products
Photo courtesy of marysmedicinals.com

Do you have that one spot on your body that manages to stay sore? If so, then there’s no need to get a topical for all-over body relief. Instead, opt for one of the best cannabis products for easing soreness and pain in specific areas, like the Transdermal Gel Pen from Mary’s Medicinals. Whether you favor Sativa or Indica, you have the leeway to choose. Both kinds of the Transdermal Gel Pen dispense a 2mg dose of THC at a time for immediate relief.

The Best CBD Sleepmask for Radiant Skin

Lavender CBD Sleeping Mask- Kana Skincare

HERB's guide to the 100 best cannabis products
Photo courtesy of kanaskincare.com

Enhance your skincare routine and sleep like a lamb with a CBD-infused lavender sleeping mask by Kana Skincare, one of the best cannabis products for nighttime skin treatments. The Lavender CBD Sleeping Mask contains 28 active botanicals, all of which heal, hydrate, and illuminate your skin. Before you head to bed, apply a small scoop of the mask onto your face and neck and give it a few pats. Once you wake up and rinse it off using warm water, you’ll start your day with silky smooth skin and a beautiful, youthful glow to go along with it.

For the best results, use the Lavender CBD Sleeping Mask three times a week. Also, apply a little SPF during daylight to maintain radiant skin and protect it from sun damage all day long.

The Best Topical For Tired and Puffy Eyes

Calming Eye Balm- Cannuka

HERB's guide to the 100 best cannabis products
Photo courtesy of cannuka.com

If you are looking to combat those aggravating dark circles underneath your eyes, try the Calming Eye Balm by Cannuka. The Calming Eye Balm also diminishes fine lines that come with aging and puffiness caused by things like allergies and leaving your makeup on overnight.

The under-eye area is highly sensitive, but when used twice a day, the Calming Eye Balm gently hydrates, refreshes, and protects delicate skin using the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD, essential vitamins like vitamin E, and other essential oils. Some users even say the Calming Eye Balm is a more effective addition to their beauty regime than well-known cosmetic brands. Plus it’s a lot cheaper.

The Best Topical for Fighting Signs of Aging

CBD of London

HERB's guide to the 100 best cannabis products
Photo courtesy of cbdoflondon.co.uk

CBD of London is one of the best cannabis products for reviving aging skin. This stunning line consists of three high-end products composed of all-natural ingredients.

The Vitamin Skin Reviver Night Cream is one member of the collection. In addition to rich CBD extract, this velvety cream uses vitamins A and E, and enriched Jojoba oil, to deeply nourish the skin, giving it a more youthful appearance. Along with that, there’s also the CBD Collagen + Retinol Anti-Ageing Cream, a light, yet nourishing topical packed with Vitamins A and C, that smoothens out wrinkles and plumps facial contours. Last, but certainly not least, you have the Advance Bright Eye Repair Serum, overflowing with antioxidants, aloe vera, and collagen. It is the perfect fix for refreshing tired eyes.

The Best Topicals For Discretion and Amazing Scents

Soothing Lotion- Humble Flower Co

HERB's guide to the 100 best cannabis products
photo courtesy of humbleflowerco.com

It’s not rare to come across a topical that smells like weed. For those that commonly have places to go and people to see, discretion can be a must. That’s why Humble Flower Company’s Soothing Lotion is one of the best cannabis products for treating your skin with a combination of cannabinoids without a trace.

Soothing Lotion is both powerful and gentle. It absorbs fast, and offers an organic spa-quality base, leaving your skin feeling moisturized and restored. There are two selections of Soothing Lotion available, including a Jasmine + Rose scent, and each contains 100mg of CBD and 50mg of THC. However, if you prefer a scentless alternative, there’s an unscented version of the topical as well.

Sugar High- High Gorgeous

HERB's guide to the 100 best cannabis products
Photo courtesy of highgorgeous.com

Again, not everyone wants to walk around smelling like a pot plant. Unlike most topicals, Sugar High has a fantastic vanilla almond aroma. Sugar High by High Gorgeous is also gluten-free, cruelty-free, and vegan-friendly

Sugar High provides THC (50mg) and CBD (50mg), and even THCA (50mg). Feel free to slather your body in Sugar High. No one will ever suspect it has cannabis in it. We rank it ass one of the best cannabis products for inconspicuous and effective skin therapy.

The Best Topical For Luscious Lips

Lip Bong- Mary Jane’s Medicinals

HERB's guide to the 100 best cannabis products
Photo courtesy of maryjanesmedicinals.com

Even your lips need TLC. But that’s not the only part of the face that could use a little THC-infused Lip Bong. In addition to moisturizing dry, cracked lips, the light peppermint-scented Lip Bong from Mary Janes Medicinals is the perfect headache reducer. Besides that, it’s also an anti-viral and can both treat and prevent cold sores. For quick relief in any of the above areas, Lip Bong is pocket-portable and can be applied on-the-go and at home.

The Best Hemp Cream

Cannabis Eye Cream- Little Green Bee

HERB's guide to the 100 best cannabis products
Photo courtesy of littlegreenbee.net

Have fine lines and wrinkles crept onto your complexion? Little Green Bee’s cannabis eye cream is one of the best cannabis products for fighting the aging process. Infused with whole plant cannabis extract, a blend of beneficial cannabinoids including THC, THCA, CBD, CBG, and CBC, this cannabis eye cream will keep your skin seemingly smooth, soft, and young. And it works flawlessly on the neck and around the lips, too.

Aside from its cannabis compound variety, Little Green Bee’s cannabis eye cream is prepared with essential vitamins C and E and rosemary extract. All are age-fighters in their own right. Moreover, it has shea butter, one of nature’s greatest anti-inflammatories. Use twice a day, once in the morning and once at night, for the best outcome.

The Best Hemp Cream for Sleep

Natural Sleep Cream- Dr. Kerklaan Therapeutics

HERB's guide to the 100 best cannabis products
Photo courtesy of drkerklaan.com

Sleep affects not only your mental well-being but also your physical health. When you’re not getting enough of it, your body’s organs, including your brain and heart, among many others, cannot function as actively as they should. If you’ve been feeling all sorts of sleep deprived lately, then Dr. Kerklaan Therapetuics’ Natural Sleep Cream, one of the best cannabis products for proper rest, could be what gets you back on track. Infused with 90mg of THC and 30mg of CBD, the Natural Sleep Cream can be rubbed onto the forehead, temples, and neck for a prompt headache, inflammation, stress, and anxiety relief, as well as on the legs to alleviate restless leg syndrome and muscle tension. All are common causes of sleep interruption, but by incorporating this cannabis-infused cream into your nightly routine, you may finally be able to catch up on those missing zzzs.

The Best CBD Lube

If weed lube isn’t legal in your state, then you can still save your sex life with CBD lube. CBD lube is just like THC lube in that it can help users achieve multiple orgasms, and heightened libido. It’s especially great for anal sex if you struggle trying to make it past the first few inches, and  makes masturbation even more fun than it already is.

Awaken- Foria Wellness

HERB's guide to the 100 best cannabis products
Photo courtesy of foriawellness.com

You’ve heard all about using weed lube to enhance your sex life, but has anyone told you about CBD lube? One of the best cannabis products for getting you in “the mood” is Awaken by Foria Wellness. Awaken is made using eight all-natural, plant-based aphrodisiacs, including full-spectrum hemp oil, and that’s it. It also contains zero traces of THC, meaning it’s legal to ship around the world.

Whether you’re experiencing dryness and discomfort downstairs, or are overly tense, Awaken will loosen you right up for a night of endless orgasms.  It’s edible too. The only downside to this game-changing product is that it can only be used with oil-friendly toys, diaphragms, and condoms. That means no latex. Other than that small drawback, consider Awaken to be “a keeper.”

Knob Polish- Products By Jack

HERB's guide to the 100 best cannabis products
Photo courtesy of productsbyjack.com

It might not turn you into a Rico Suave, but this product will surely take your sex to the next level. Knob Polishis indeed what it sounds like, a lubricant, infused with 100mg nano-emulsified CBD, that’s designed to put the fun back in the bedroom. Aside from making things wet and wild in the sheets, Knob Polish lifts you up, turns you on, and delivers intense, longer-lasting orgasms. And unlike most weed lube you see today, it’s safe with latex, so you don’t have to worry about any plus signs, double lines, or other doodles that can’t be “undid,” and silicone toys as well, for the firm believers in foreplay.

The Best THC Lube

Some of the best cannabis products are designed to rekindle the missing spark in your sex life. From delivering endless orgasms to making anal play more relaxed and bearable, THC-infused oils, lubes, and suppositories are where it’s at if you’re tired of boring sex,  want to crank the heat up a notch or ten, or maybe even explore a little. A few of them will get you high, others won’t, but if one thing is guaranteed, it’s that they will always get you off.

Velvet Swing

HERB's guide to the 100 best cannabis products
Photo courtesy of velvetswing.com

If you’re not getting turned on like you used to, and hard, long orgasms are few and far between, then one of the best cannabis products for sexual satisfaction is Velvet Swing. Most weed lubes on the market can’t be used with latex, but with Velvet Swing, you’re in the clear, meaning you can stress less about having any plus signs or double lines show up on a pregnancy test. Infused with 100mg of THC and 33mg of CBD, if you lather on enough Velvet Swing and consume it orally or use it during anal, then it might even get you high. Oh, and it’s water-soluble too, so you’re also free to use it with all your favorite toys.

Explore- Foria Wellness

HERB's guide to the 100 best cannabis products
Photo courtesy of weedmaps.com

Anal sex, especially if you’re new to it, is not the most comfortable thing in the world. That’s why a lot of times, people never get to experience what it’s honestly like for fear that it will hurt too much, even though they would love to try it. Foria Explore, one of the best cannabis products for the anal curious, is just the thing you need to make you feel relaxed enough to give it a go.

Foria Explore is an anal suppository that’s infused with both 60mg of THC and 10mg of CBD. With the help of these two cannabis compounds combined, your pelvic muscles will be loosened, and you’ll feel less pain, allowing deeper penetration and double the pleasure. Head high not included.

Quim Rock

HERB's guide to the 100 best cannabis products
Photo courtesy of getsava.com

To reap intense orgasms and protect your vagina at the same time, one of the best cannabis products is Quim Rock. Quim Rock, available in Curious and Sensitive, is yet another THC-infused intimacy oil. However, what sets this particular one apart is one of its ingredients is tea tree oil, a natural anti-fungal, and antiseptic that can fight off UTIs and yeast infections. And since Quim Rock brings you better orgasms and more of them, which are shown to increase immunoglobulin levels in the body, you’re also less likely to catch a cold or virus with this sensual oil.

The Best CBD Makeup

Beauty gurus should have at least one CBD-infused product in their collection. From mascara that makes your lashes longer to lip gloss that makes your lips more luscious, CBD can enhance any look.

The Best CBD Mascara

KUSH High Volume Mascara- Milk Makeup

HERB's guide to the 100 best cannabis products
Photo courtesy of milkmakeup.com

Right when you thought you understood the full potential of CBD, Milk Makeup comes out with a CBD-infused, vegan mascara that is making major waves in the beauty industry. Now, globby lashes are a thing of the past. KUSH High Volume Mascara by Milk Makeup is a must-have when it comes to long, voluminous lashes.

KUSH High Volume Mascara contains hemp-derived CBD oil, which gives it a creamy texture and conditions your lashes, allowing for a more seamless application and an even more comfortable removal process.KUSH High Volume Mascara’s brush is full, but not too broad,  preventing clumps. Also, the brush features a tapered tip, which makes it easier to touch up the tiny, hard to reach lashes in the corner of your eyes.

The Best CBD Lip Balm


HERB's guide to the 100 best cannabis products
Photo courtesy of vertlybalm.com

Put down the Carmex and embrace a lip balm that will do your lips some actual justice. Available in peppermint and rose scents, Vertly’s lip balm is one of the best cannabis products for nourishing, restoring, and protecting your lips. The hemp-derived CBD-infused lip balm by Vertly doesn’t just smell better; it tastes better too. But not to worry, if you “accidentally” ingest a little, you’re safe. Each batch is made with organic, food-grade ingredients, including kokum butter, coconut oil, shea butter, cacao butter, and jojoba oil.

Privy Peach

HERB's guide to the 100 best cannabis products
Photo courtesy of privypeach.com

Lips without lip gloss are like toenails with no polish (dull and incomplete). With the right gloss, you can make your lips pop and complement your look of the day. One of the best cannabis products for colorful, shiny lips, is Privy Peach’s CBD-infused lip gloss line. Apart from smoothening out dull, cracked lips, these lip enhancers come in three gorgeous and tasty shades- cherry, watermelon, and orange- and add an extra special touch whether you’re rocking a plain face or going glam.

The Best Weed Drinks and CBD Drinks

If you’ve found that edibles are too overpowering, then try out THC and CBD infused beverages, also known as drinkables. Although they are ingested orally, drinkables are very different than edibles. They have a fast reaction time, and their effects don’t last nearly as long. For inexperienced users, social cannabis users or consumers looking for a new smokeless way to enjoy cannabis, drinkables are ideal.

The Best Cannabis-infused Sodas

California Dreamin’

HERB's guide to the 100 best cannabis products
Photo courtesy of drinkdreamin.com

If you are looking to crack open some cold ones with friends, look no further than California Dreamin’ cannabis sodas. California Dreamin’ comes in four refreshing flavors- Pomegranate, Grapefruit, Tangerine, and Cranberry Apple. Each bottle contains a light dose of 10mg of THC. For the health-conscious consumers, fear not, these infused sodas are all-natural and are made only using fruit juice, carbonation, and of course, cannabis.


HERB's guide to the 100 best cannabis products
Photo courtesy of enjoyolala.com

For paradise in a bottle, look no further than cannabis-infused sodas from Olala. The Olala line consists of the 2017 Dope Cup Winner Orange Cream Soda, Fruit Punch, Classic Cola, Lite Cola, and Lemon Lime Citrus. To top it off, they offer as high as 250mg doses of THC for cannabis enthusiasts with high tolerances. Olala also offers THC doses of 10mg, 30mg, 50mg, and 100mg.

Magic Number

HERB's guide to the 100 best cannabis products
Photo courtesy of drinkmagicnumber.com

From camping trips to backyard barbecues, one of the best cannabis products for every occasion is Magic Number’s Ginger Beer. Both craft-brewed and cannabis-infused, Ginger Beer is far from ordinary. It contains pure cane sugar for a slight caramel taste and Peruvian ginger. The water it is made with is derived from Oregon, the state known for having some of the freshest waters on earth.

Magic Number Ginger Beer doesn’t contain any alcohol, but you best believe it’ll get you feeling right.  There is a wide variety of THC doses available, including 3mg, 10mg, 25mg, and 50mg so that you can customize your high. Be sure to sip slowly and take your time, though. You might not feel the effects right away, but as the saying goes “good things come to those who wait.”

The Best THC Almond Milk

Vanilla Almond Milk- Mary Jane Juice Co.

HERB's guide to the 100 best cannabis products
Photo courtesy of weedmaps.com

Mary Jane Juice Co. is giving “wake and bake” a whole new definition. If you want to take your bowl of cereal to the next level,  this infused, and organic Vanilla Almond Milk from Mary Jane Juice will start your morning off on a high note. The almond milk, in particular, is excellent for bone health, while the vanilla bean acts as a mood stabilizer, and the date sugar neutralizes acidity. Each bottle is infused with 100mg of THC.

The Best Cannabis-Infused Apple Cider

Happy Apple

HERB's guide to the 100 best cannabis products
Photo courtesy of happyapple.com

Washington is home to the juiciest red apples in the country. The state is also home to a variety of award-winning cannabis strains (for example, the Blueberry weed strain). Combine both into one drink, and you have Happy Apple. Happy Apple is a sparkling apple cider for adults, and is best served all-year round.

On humid days, you can crack open Happy Apple fresh out of the ice bucket. When winter hits, it can also be heated and poured into a mug for a cozy pick-me-up. Available in 10mg, 50mg, and 100mg THC per 12-ounce bottle.

The Best CBD Drink For Wellness


HERB's guide to the 100 best cannabis products
Photo courtesy of idrinkvybes.com

For calming the mind,  and relieving stress, VYBES cannabis-infused drinks are our go-to. Each VYBES is beautifully packaged, full of antioxidants, and has 15mg of organic hemp CBD.

There are a variety of refreshing flavors to choose from including Blueberry Mint, Peach Ginger, and Strawberry Lavender. Whether it’s after yoga, or a brutal workout at the gym, drinking a VYBES is a great way to keep your mind and body in sync. VYBES also come in packs of 12, so there’s plenty to go around.

The Best CBD- Infused Water Flavoring Drops

Cloud N9ne Syrup- BuyLegalMeds

HERB's guide to the 100 best cannabis products
Photo courtesy of buylegalmeds.com

This CBD-rich syrup is available in a wide array of flavors like Green Apple, Cherry Bomb, Grape, Blueberry, Watermelon, Strawberry, and Bubble Gum. Cloud N9ne Syrup also has an unflavored version Nighttime. After sipping, we were overcome with a relaxing body buzz that felt like lounging on the clouds. Cloud N9ne Syrup doesn’t get you stoned, as it doesn’t contain any THC. The syrup is just composed of CBD, and 9 other all-natural herbs.


The Best Weed Wine

Rebel Coast- Rebel Coast Winery

HERB's guide to the 100 best cannabis products
Photo courtesy of definitelynotrebelcoastwinery.com

Wine o’clock now begins at 4:20. Rebel Coast THC-infused wine boasts the same qualities you love about a California Sauvignon Blanc. It’s citrusy, acidic, crisp, has a clean finish, and goes fabulously with a cheese plate. Each bottle of Rebel Coast contains 20mg of THC instead of alcohol, which amounts to about 5mg per serving. It also has fewer calories than regular wine.

The Best Weed Elixir and CBD Elixir

The Most Potent Weed Elixirs

Dixie Elixirs- Dixie 

If you want to get your daily dose of THC on-the-go, Dixie Elixirs beverages have a wide array of flavors including Cherry Limeade, Fruit Punch, Half & Half, and Berry Lemonade, and Root Beer. Most of Dixie’s Elixirs pack 100mg of THC, but 200mg options are available as well in select markets, for those that can handle double the dank. Each bottle has a child-resistant dosing cap.

The Best Weed Elixir for Low- Dosage


HERB's guide to the 100 best cannabis products
Photo courtesy of hi-ness.com

The fastest way to ingest cannabis surely has to be HI-NESS.  Each shot only has 10mg of active cannabis in it, which makes it easy to work up your buzz slowly. They come in three fruity flavors: coconut pineapple, peach mango and blood orange.

The Best CBD Elixirs

+cbd- Dirty Lemon

HERB's guide to the 100 best cannabis products
Photo courtesy of dirtylemon.com

For full-body relaxation, mild euphoria, and clear-headedness, it gets no better than +cbd. Inspired by the beloved strain “Pineapple Express,” beauty beverage brand Dirty Lemon has released an exclusive CBD elixir to give your health and well-being a boost. It’s lovely on the outside alright, but it’s what’s in the bottle that counts. Besides 20mg of full-spectrum CBD, this fruity tropical drink is made with only a gram of sugar and 15 calories, along with pineapple juice, organic lemon juice, pink Himalayan sea salt, l-theanine, and other tantalizing, healing ingredients.

Aurora Elixirs

HERB's guide to the 100 best cannabis products
Photo courtesy of auroraelixirs.com

Aurora Elixirs is one of the best cannabis products for achieving a transcendent and sensual CBD experience. Each tonic, available in Lavender Spice and Grapefruit Rosemary, is infused with 15mg of CBD, in addition to other natural, essential ingredients. Whether served over ice or blended into your go-to cocktail, Aurora Elixirs, with their subtle, balanced aromas and flavors, are a refreshing way to enjoy your favorite cannabis strains without getting high.

The Best Cannabis Lemonade

G Brand Lemonades- G FarmaLabs

HERB's guide to the 100 best cannabis products
Photo courtesy of gfarmalabs.com

When life gives you lemons, mix them with THC, add ice,  and brace yourself. The best cannabis products for cooling off and getting lifted during the summer months is G Brand Lemonades. These lemonades are infused with 100mg of the highest quality Liquid Gold Cannabis Oil and come in every flavor of lemonade imaginable. They come in discreet packaging and are easy to guzzle, so they are perfect to bring along to the beach, or park.

Cannabis Quencher Lemonades- VCC Brands

HERB's guide to the 100 best cannabis products
Photo courtesy of vccbrands.com

If other medicated lemonades don’t seem to be cutting it, then meet your new main squeeze. Cannabis Quencher lemonades are one of the best cannabis products for chilling out on a hot, humid day. Thanks to their dosage variety, you decide your limits. For a light buzz, there’s a delicious 25mg THC-infused Strawberry Lemonade, which also comes in a 100mg bottle if you can handle it. Or, for  a sweet twist on a throwback, there’s also a 100mg THC-infused Old Fashioned Lemonade

The Best Weed Edibles and CBD Edibles

Some of the best cannabis products come in the form of baked goods. Their effects won’t hit you right away, but when they do, you’ll experience a high that’s unlike anything you’ve ever felt from smoking. Since edibles take anywhere from 30 minutes to over two hours to kick in, the general rule of thumb is to start off slow. That way, you don’t get stuck with a racing heart, or a severe mix of paranoia and anxiety.

Fortunately, there are a delectable diversity of edibles available in today’s market, and not all of them come in extremely high doses, nor do they all get you high. There are CBD edibles, too.

The Best Weed Chocolate and CBD Chocolate

The Best CBD Chocolate

Not Pot

HERB's guide to the 100 best cannabis products
Photo courtesy of notpot.com

To quote a great mind, “chocolate is cheaper than therapy, and you don’t need an appointment.” But if you really want to save money on therapy sessions, you need Not Pot’s CBD Chocolate. Of all the best cannabis products, Not Pot’s chocolate hearts are the sweetest, most convenient way to medicate with CBD. Its blend of ingredients, aside from calm-inducing CBD-rich hemp oil, include raw cacao to lift your spirits, and ashwagandha, an ancient herb known for fighting stress. And for an extra, delicate pinch of sweetness, there’s also maple sugar, a low glycemic sweetener that’s natural and won’t throw off your blood sugar levels, or make you “hangry.”

Not Pot is the kind of chocolate you’re welcome to nibble on before bed, and that’s just another reason why it’s one of the best cannabis products. In fact, it’ll probably give you the best sleep you’ve had in a while. In addition to that, Not Pot goes amazingly with a warm bubble bath, if ever you need the perfect, mini oasis to escape a hectic day. No matter what you pair these CBD-infused hearts with, you’re bound to achieve solace from these fun-sized confections.

The Best Dairy-Free CBD Chocolate

CBD Salted Chocolate Bar- Leif Goods

HERB's guide to the 100 best cannabis products
Photo courtesy ofleifgoods.com

CBD edibles are the best cannabis products for folks that prefer smokeless consumption methods. Moreover, they don’t sneak up on you in the worst way like an edible packed with THC but still, provide relief and make for one tasty treat. One of the best CBD edibles around by far is the non-GMO, dairy-free CBD Salted Chocolate Bar by Leif Goods. Not only does this guilt-free delight offer a delicious combination of sweet and salty with its 66% organic, rich dark chocolate and charcoal-infused Black Diamond Flake Sea Salt topping, but also 100mg of CBD and a super-low dose of THC for ultimate relaxation and pure bliss.

The Best Weed Chocolates

Kiva Bars- Kiva Confections

HERB's guide to the 100 best cannabis products
Photo courtesy of kivaconfections.com

A chocolate bar by itself is satisfyingly delicious, but infuse it with THC and or CBD, and you get a semisweet medicinal treat that you can’t buy just anywhere. One of the best cannabis products for getting a sugar high you won’t want to come down from is Kiva Bars from Kiva Confections. From Ginger Dark Chocolate to traditional Milk Chocolate, the Kiva Bar flavor varieties are endless. Each contains either 100mg of THC or 100MG of both THC and CBD, depending on the type of chocolate.

Défoncé Chocolatier

HERB's guide to the 100 best cannabis products
Photo courtesy of defonce.com

The best cannabis products award for well-balanced sweetness goes to Défoncé Chocolatier’s chocolate bars. Along with a broad range of flavors, including Vanilla, Matcha, Coffee, Milk, and more, these bars offer a manageable 90mg dose of THC and variable percentages of high-quality cacao. After just one, you’ll wonder what you ever saw in Hershey’s.

The Best Weed Chocolate For Ethics

Cannabis 4 Cause

HERB's guide to the 100 best cannabis products
Photo courtesy of cannabis4cause.com

The best cannabis products are the ones that keep on giving. Cannabis 4 Cause doesn’t just provide 180mg of cannabis oil and “fair-trade, traditionally grown, antioxidant-rich cacao to the consumer,” but also medicine for cancer patients in need. For each infused chocolate delicacy you buy, a patient receives a 10mg dose of cannabis oil at no cost. With Cannabis 4 Cause, potentially saving a life is as effortless as choosing between four flavors- Dark Chocolate, Sea Salt Dark Chocolate, Raspberry Dark Chocolate, Mint Dark Chocolate- and indulging. That’s what makes Cannabis 4 Cause the most beneficial, and flavorful, chocolate bars to hit the edible market.

The Best Weed Cookies and CBD Cookies

The Best Weed Cookies For Variety

Big Pete’s Treats

HERB's guide to the 100 best cannabis products
Photo courtesy of bigpetestreats.com

The best types of self-indulgence start with C (cannabis and cookies). Put the two together, and you have a treat that’s irresistible.

When it comes to one of the best cannabis products to fill your adult cookie jar up with, you can find all the baked goods you could ever want at Big Pete’s Treats. They’ve got lemon cookies, peanut butter cookies, cinnamon sugar cookies, and of course, good old-fashion chocolate chip, in packs of ten. Not to mention, a decent selection of THC and CBD doses, including 5mg and10mg, and Sativa/Indica options as well.

The Best CBD Cookies

CBD Vanilla Bean Mini Cookies- Korova Edibles

HERB's guide to the 100 best cannabis products
Photo courtesy of korovaedibles.com

One of the best cannabis products for the adult cookie monster is Korova Edibles CBD Vanilla Bean Mini Cookies. And since there’s 150mg of CBD per package, you don’t have to feel bad about hiding them from your kids. Even if you don’t finish all ten cookies in one sitting, each pack is resealable, so you can always save them for later.

The Most Potent Weed Cookie

Kaneh Co

HERB's guide to the 100 best cannabis products
Photo courtesy of kanehco.com

A baked good that gets you baked is deserving of any weed enthusiast’s attention. One of the best cannabis products smoke-free consumers is Kaneh Co’s THC-infused cookies. Although their THC dose is consistent at 100mg per package, you do have the freedom to decide among their nine mouthwatering flavors, which include everything from Confetti to Chocolate Crunch. But good luck picking just one.

The Most Beautiful Weed Cookie

White Chocolate Mint Cream Cookies- Sweet Jane Edibles

HERB's guide to the 100 best cannabis products
Photo courtesy of sweetjaneedibles.com

As if mint cookies weren’t already tasty enough, they now come drenched in white chocolate, covered with green sprinkles, and packed with 75mg of THC. Sweet Jane Edibles’ White Chocolate Mint Cream Cookies are one of the best cannabis products for consumers that love infused-sweets, and not a lot of explanation is needed as to why. Just looking at them is enough of a sales pitch. Besides the fact that they’re yummy and medicinal, they can always be saved for later thanks to their lovely and decorative resealable bag.

The Best Weed Brownies and CBD Brownies

The Best Weed Brownie For Taste

Slutty Brownie Bite- Milf ‘n Cookies

HERB's guide to the 100 best cannabis products
Photo courtesy of milfncookiesedibles.com

There’s no shame in wanting a sexy, weed-friendly dessert every once in a while. For one of the best cannabis products for sweet, sensual indulgence, feast your eyes on the Slutty Brownie Bites from Milf ‘n Cookies. These mouthwatering miniature brownies feature chewy chocolate chip cookie crust, along with everyone’s favorite cookie the Oreo and 100mg of THC. Serve them with a glass of milk on the side for sheer ecstasy.

The Best Weed Brownie For Accurate Dosage

Brownie Bites- SPOT

HERB's guide to the 100 best cannabis products
Photo courtesy of spotseattle.com

For fun-size weed brownies, SPOT brownies are spot on. With every mini chocolate square, you know precisely how much THC is going into your body, and what type of experience you’re going to get. That’s because, with SPOT edibles, you can tailor your edibles experience according to how you want it.

SPOT Brownie Bites are undoubtedly one of the best cannabis products for ultimate buzz control. Aside from choosing your cannabis type, you get to pick your potency as well. There’s Sativa, Hybrid, Indica, and CBD strain types, each of which delivers unique effects of their own. Also, there’s equal the selection of doses, which include 5 and 10mgs of THC, along with 1:1 and 3:1 ratios of CBD and THC. When it comes to edibles, it doesn’t get more specific than that.

The Strongest Weed Brownie

Cookies & Cream 4.20 Brownie- Venice Cookie Company

HERB's guide to the 100 best cannabis products
Photo courtesy of vccbrands.com

If you want a weed brownie that packs one hell of a punch, then it doesn’t get much more potent than the Cookies & Cream 4.20 Brownie. When it comes to sinking into the sofa and feeling relaxed and carefree, this brownie from Venice Cookie Company is the ultimate comfort food. That’s mostly because it contains an astounding 1000mg of THC, which is a ton of weed for even an edible. With that said, newbies might want to steer clear of this scrumptious dessert. As for the experts, well, it may just be what you need to get a mind-boggling high back in your life.

The Best Weed Brownie For Low-Dosage

CBD Double Fudge Brownie- The Goodship Company

HERB's guide to the 100 best cannabis products
Photo courtesy of thegoodship.com

CBD and THC go together like milk and brownies, and speaking of which, the Goodship Marijuana Company’s CBD Double Fudge Brownie has an even dose of both and goes even amazingly with a cold glass of calcium. Along with 10mg of CBD, the CBD Double Fudge Brownie contains 10mg of THC per every fudgy, chewy baked good. It doesn’t come overloaded with potency like a lot of weed brownies, but instead, produces a clear-headed, upbeat buzz with a sense of focus, making it the better daytime dessert. And the better-for-you dessert too as each Double Fudge Brownie is made using the most all-natural, sustainable ingredients in Washington, including non-GMO corn syrup, canola oil, and locally-sourced flour, to name a few.

The Best Weed Brownie For Healthy Eaters

Coconut Brownie Bites- Good Bites CBD

HERB's guide to the 100 best cannabis products
Photo courtesy of goodbitescbd.com

For a nutritious brownie, Coconut Brownie Bites is the best shame-free snack, especially for wellness enthusiasts. Crisp on the outside, chewy on the inside, Coconut Brownie Bites combine cacao and coconut, and other organic ingredients, for a deliciously rich edible delicacy. But the Coconut Brownie Bites aren’t just natural. They’re also gluten-free, non-GMO, vegan, and raw. With 10mg of CBD per bite, when you don’t have time to meditate or strike a yoga pose, Coconut Brownie Bites are there to provide mind and body relaxation quicker than any other part of your daily wellness routine.

The Best CBD Gummies and Weed Gummies

Medicated gummies are some of the best cannabis products for monitoring your high. With a wide range of dosages, customizing your intake of THC or CBD is both easy and delicious.

The Best Weed Gummies For Accurate Dosage


HERB's guide to the 100 best cannabis products
Photo by PLUS via Facebook

Each PLUS gummy has a specified amount of THC and or CBD, eliminating the guessing games that often come with edibles. Not to mention, they’re positively scrumptious and come in two flavors, Blackberry & Lemon Indica and Sour Watermelon Sativa, on top of three limited-edition flavors, Rose & Vanilla, Sour Blueberry, and Rainbow Sorbet. Since PLUS gummies are low in calories and are comprised of all-natural, gluten-free, kosher ingredients, they’re not bad for you either. And they’re sourced using only top-shelf flower, not that mid-grade junk.

The Best CBD Gummies

All-Natural Old-Fashioned High CBD Gum Drops- Lord Jones

HERB's guide to the 100 best cannabis products
Photo courtesy of lordjones.com

If CBD-infused chocolate isn’t your thing, then satisfy your sweet tooth with guilt-free luxurious gummies from Lord Jones. These all-natural, old-fashioned gummies are one of the best cannabis products for stabilizing the mood and keeping anxiety at bay. Even those God-awful period cramps don’t stand a chance against these delicacies. They’re high in CBD, 20mg per gummy, to be exact, and are both tasty and buzz-free. Even better, they contain no artificial colors or flavors and consist of just four other simple ingredients: sugar, citric acid, and gelatin.

The Best Weed Gummies For Flavor


HERB's guide to the 100 best cannabis products
Photo courtesy of wyldcanna.com

Precious medicine deserves pretty packaging, and that’s what you get with WYLD gummies. From the time you open the box to the moment the gummies hit your tongue, WYLD gives a colorful edibles adventure from start to finish. Whether you need to recline after a long, productive day or could use a pick-me-up, WYLD gummies are the best cannabis products either way.

For a boost of get-up-and-go, WYLD has their Raspberry Sativa-enhanced gummies, which carry 50mg of THC. And for some serious R & R, there are Marionberry Indica-enhanced gummies, which also hold 50mg of THC. Or, if you want the best of both experiences, there’s the Pomegranate 1:1 THC: CBD-enhanced gummies to choose from as well. All are made of real fruit and will provide the sweetest satisfaction you desire and require.

The Best Weed Gummies For Getting Baked

Baked Bros

HERB's guide to the 100 best cannabis products
Photo courtesy of bakedbros.com

Baked Bros Medicated THC Gummies are the OG’s of the cannabis gummy game. Their Sour Kush Kids gummies,, won Best Product at Denver’s High Times Cannabis Cup during 2014. Two, some users say Baked Bros gummies provide as much release as smoking the herb. There is also a mixture of flavor possibilities, from Sour Gummy Worms to Peach Rings, and hash oil doses too, which include 75mg, 150mg, and 300mg.

The Best Weed Candy

The Most Innovative Weed Candy

Half Lit

HERB's guide to the 100 best cannabis products
Photo courtesy of gethalflit.com

It’s no wonder why Half Lit is one of the best cannabis products. Unlike most lollipops, no part of a Half Lit sucker goes to waste. Its stick contains cannabis seeds, and if you plant it into the ground horizontally once you’re done with your lolly, you’ll have yourself a pot plant to call your own.

The Half Lit lollipop gets its name honest. It comes in the shape of a half moon and possesses 10mg of THC, which is perfect for those that can’t handle a full-on high. Available in six melt-in-your-mouth flavors- Lit Lemonade, Hot Mama Mango, Lunar Lavender, Pineapple Paradise, Watermelon Wonderland, Calming Caramel Acaí- Half Lit lollipops are yet another product that keeps on giving. Plus, they’re organic, vegan, non-GMO, gluten-free, dairy-free, nut-free, and free of artificial dyes.

The Best Weed Candy For Medicinal-Use

Soothers- Altai

HERB's guide to the 100 best cannabis products
Photo courtesy of altaibrands.com

If you have a sore throat or are merely looking for a more convenient way to receive the therapeutic qualities of THC, Altai’s Soothers are the best cannabis products for medicating with edibles. They come in a discreet metal tin, making it accessible to store, protect, and carry them on-the-go. Also, there’s a fair selection of tasty, comforting flavors available, from Cherry Vanilla (Indica) to Watermelon (Sativa) to Lemon-Honey (Indica). Each comprises 10mg of THC, or 2.5mg a pop, and are gluten-free to boot.

The Best Weed Candy For Flavor

SuckIT- Canyon THC

HERB's guide to the 100 best cannabis products
Photo courtesy of canyonthc.com

In case you’ve been waiting for the perfect opportunity to tell someone to suck it, well, here’s your chance. SuckIT edibles are made to suck. And they’re one of the best cannabis products for taking your time to get buzzy. Each hard candy, available in nine fruity flavorings -Fruit Punch, Blue Raspberry, Strawberry Lemonade, Strawberry, Sour Lemon, Sour Watermelon, Sour Apple, Citrus Medley, Boysenberry- has just 10mg of THC, meaning you can judge for yourself if you’re pleasingly high, or not high enough. Also, every package comes with a child-proof lid to keep the rugrats at bay.

The Best Weed Candy For Microdosing

Mojjos- Green Revolution

HERB's guide to the 100 best cannabis products
Photo by Green Revolution via Facebook

Mojjos by Green Star Cannabis is music for your taste buds, especially if you’re into microdosing edibles. They’re perfect for sharing, and also make for a fantastic sidekick when you need relief on-the-run. Each cannabis-infused candy, available in Tangerine and Pink Grapefruit flavors with 10 mg THC and 2 mg CBD, and Blood Orange and Lemon Ginger with 10 mg CBD and 2 mg CBD dose, is fast acting and long-lasting. And you get ten individually wrapped candies per snazzy record-inspired container.

The Best Cannabis Edibles For Foodies

The Best CBD Spices

CBD Infused Spices- Cured Nutrition

HERB's guide to the 100 best cannabis products
Photo courtesy of curednutrition.com

Lotions and oils aren’t the only way to reap the benefits of CBD. If you love to cook, then one of the best cannabis products are Cured Nutrition’s CBD Infused Spices. Whether you’re throwing some chicken breasts on the grill or making homemade waffles, there’s a CBD spice to make it that much tastier and rewarding.

Cured Spices come in five flavors-Smoky BBQ, Cinnamon & Honey, Roasted Garlic & Lemon Pepper, Peanut Butter Chocolate, and Blackening- and each contain 15mg of CBD per teaspoon. Although they’re used the same way as any other spice in your cabinet, what sets CBD spices apart is that they are capable of delivering the variety of benefits that CBD is praised for, from reduced stress to nausea relief. And in a scrumptious and unique fashion at that.

The Best Cannabis Soup

Tomato-Basil Soup Mix- American Baked Co.

HERB's guide to the 100 best cannabis products
Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

Not all edibles are sweet and sugary. Plenty of the best cannabis products come savory, like this Tomato-Basil Soup Mix from American Baked Co. In like manner of Cambell’s Soup on the Go, you can relish this delicious soup anywhere. All you need to do is add water and mix. And yes, it’s every bit of mm-mm good.

You won’t find THC a bowl of Cambell’s soup. But with the Tomato-Basil Soup Mix, you get 10mg. That’s not a bunch, but more than sufficient for a blazing good time. And it’ll make for a warm camping companion during the chilly seasons.

The Best Cannabis Nuts

Kush Nuts

HERB's guide to the 100 best cannabis products
Photo courtesy of kushnuts.com

For an edible, that’s savory and hearty, no need to look further than Kush Nuts. Kush Nuts is one of the best cannabis products for people that are nuts over cashew and almonds, and of course, ganja. Up for grabs in three THC dose varieties, 45mg, 90mg, and 180mg, Kush Nuts are a tasty blend of all the above, plus olive oil, rosemary, garlic, and sea salt. And they’re also strain-specific, so you know what flavors and measure of potency you’re getting with every handful.

The Best Cannabis Popcorn

Medical Cannabis Popcorn- Yummi Karma

HERB's guide to the 100 best cannabis products
Photo courtesy of 678meds.com

For Netflix & chill days and lazy nights in, one of the best cannabis products is Yummi Karma Medical Cannabis Popcorn. They aren’t saddled in butter and salt the kind you get at the movies, but they do come with 75mg of THC per bag and a high dose of mellow. Not to mention, all three flavors of Yummi Karma medicated popcorn, which are Mac & Cheese, Parmesan & Herb, and Butter & Salt, are evenly savory. Each bag is resealable.

The Best Cannabis Oil For Cooking

THC Olive Oil- Farm & Florist

HERB's guide to the 100 best cannabis products
Photo courtesy of farmandflorist.com

Farm & Florist’s THC Olive Oil is the pinnacle of human achievement, and also one of the best cannabis products for weed chefs. From sizzling stir fry to salad dressings to pasta, this THC Olive Oil will enhance all sorts of appetizers, entrees, salads, and sides. For every bottle, there’s 360mg of THC, amounting to 9mg a teaspoon. If not incorporated into your favorite meal for the extra kick, then this infused-olive oil is also satisfying solo as a dip for fresh bread.

The Best THC-Infused Jam

Season Jam- Flour Child

HERB's guide to the 100 best cannabis products
Photo by Flour Child Collective via Facebook

There’s a lot you can do with jam, but with THC-infused jam, you can do so much more. One of the best cannabis products to add to BBQ sauce, toast, ice cream, and everything you could ever dream of is Flour Child’s seasonal jam. In every small batch, there’s fresh fruit, which varies according to the season, acquired from local farms that use organic and sustainable pesticides. Furthermore, each jam is strain-specific, and per teaspoon, you get 2.5mg of THC and 7.5mg per tablespoon. If that’s not a picnic must-have, then what is?

The Best THC Peanut Butter

Peanut Budder- Mystery Baking

HERB's guide to the 100 best cannabis products
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What could go better with jelly than Peanut Budder? Not a jar of Jif, that’s for sure. If you want to change the way you eat pb&j, then Mystery Baking’s THC-infused peanut butter is one of the best cannabis products for turning a classic into a game changer. Each jar contains 100mg of THC to make your sandwiches all the nuttier. But you’re not just limited to one type of lunch. You’re welcome to grab a spoon and have at it as well. Or, you can always spread it over your morning waffles for a buzzy breakfast.

The Best THC Almond Butter

Medicated Almond Butter- AKANA WESTING

HERB's guide to the 100 best cannabis products
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To load yourself up on protein, vitamin E, and an abundance of micronutrients, both before and after a workout, AKANA WESTING’s Medicated Almond Butter is just the wholesome boost you need. Between the sea salt, raw honey, California cannabis-infused almonds, and the dash of cinnamon, it’s one of the best cannabis products for mixing into a delicious smoothie, spreading over graham crackers, or just eating with a spoon. Not to mention, you can buy it by the jar, which holds 100mg of THC, and in GO-Packs, with 25mg of THC, for tasty and accessible relief on-the-go.

The Best Cannabis Fruit Snacks

Freemont Freaks- Craft Elixirs

HERB's guide to the 100 best cannabis products
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If you’re new to edibles, then one of the best cannabis products to start with is Fremont Freaks by Craft Elixirs. Every delicious piece of dried candied fruit has just 1mg of THC, and because their infusion is alcohol-based, the effects can be noticed after only an hour. That makes managing your buzz easier, and your edibles experience less frightening all around. Available in Pineapple & Chocolate, Citrus Mix, and Apples & Cinnamon, Fremont Freaks are also artisan-made, low-calorie, discreet, and perfect for sharing.

High Bush Blueberries in Dark Chocolate- Satori

HERB's guide to the 100 best cannabis products
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Chocolate and fruit go together as amazingly as cheese and crackers. Speaking of chocolaty fruit, meet one of the best cannabis products, High Bush Blueberries in Dark Chocolate from Satori. This bite-size snack combines high-quality ingredients, including 100mg of highly potent cannabis oil, real anti-oxidant packed blueberries, and Cacao Fino de Aroma, the most highly sought cacaos in the whole world. For a partially-sweet, medicated edible that’s not too over the top, High Bush Blueberries couldn’t be more ideal. And they come inside of a resealable package, making them fit for traveling.

Fruit Slabs

HERB's guide to the 100 best cannabis products
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Fruit is nature’s candy. Couple it with the world’s most valued plant cannabis, and that’s what you call a match made in heaven. One of the best cannabis products for a balanced snack, ideal for health-minded individuals, is Fruit Slabs. These all-natural fruit leathers consist of 100% organic fruits and vegan ingredients and are a great alternative to sugary edibles. Moreover, all four sugarless flavors-Tropical Haze, Grandaddy Grape, Mango Maui Wowie, The OG Mango-accommodate a consistent 100mg dose of THC.

Fruit Leather- Binske

HERB's guide to the 100 best cannabis products
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Binske Fruit Leathers are edibles with a magical history. Available in Wind and Earth, these fruit leathers contain fresh fruit sourced from organic farms residing in the same countries where they first originated. The Wind fruit leather is made with granny smith apples from Australia and is known for being sacred to ancient Greek goddesses including the famous Aphrodite. Legend has it that apples are connected to passion, beauty, ambition, and immortality.

The Earth fruit leather is made with strawberries from France and is considered to be an aphrodisiac. In Roman mythology, this particular fruit is also the symbol of Venus, the goddess of love. As for the ingredients, both Earth and Wind are all-natural with no preservatives. Also, they contain a delicate 10 mg dose of THC per leather, making them a healthy and light replacement to excessively sweet edible candies.

The Best Weed Butter Machine

When cooking with cannabis butter, the options are unlimited. You can add weed to just about any dish, just like salt and sugar. If you love to cook, cooking with cannabis butter will take your culinary skills to the next level

The MagicalButter Machine

HERB's guide to the 100 best cannabis products
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If you don’t have access to edibles, don’t trust today’s products, or want to make your own batch from scratch for a dinner party or what have you, then the MagicalButter Machine is the kitchen appliance you need alongside your Keurig, Crock-Pot, and all those other contraptions. The MagicalButter Machine makes weed butter at the press of a button. The only thing you do is add the butter and the weed, and presto! You have cannabis-infused butter that can be used to turn any dish or appetizer into an edible.

Aside from weed butter, the MagicalButter Machine can create tinctures, topicals, cocktails, and more. There’s an enormous collection of MagicalButter recipes on their website, and on ours, too. You can make shrimp stir-fry, hemp seed eye cream, and everything under the sun in little time and with minimal effort. This device is more versatile than the Instant Pot.

The Best Weed Stash Jars

The manner in which you store your weed has everything to do with how long it will last, how good it will taste, and its overall effectiveness. From space cakes to shatter to dry herb, storing all forms of cannabis the correct way is essential to getting the best experience from each every time.

The Best Flower Stash Jars

Re:stash jar- Mason-re

HERB's guide to the 100 best cannabis products
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A regular mason jar is airtight, which is a necessity when it comes to storing cannabis, but your buds are still exposed to light. Like air, light can degrade the quality of your stash by converting THC, the psychoactive compound in cannabis, into CBN, aka cannabinol, which is non-psychoactive. Of course, it’s not all about getting high, but for the highest potency per bud and the most desirable effects, the best cannabis products for your supply of sticky-icky should be not only airtight but also dark. The Re:stash jar is a notable example.

The Re:stash jar, available in many sizes and styles, is the ultimate glass mason jar for weed and the most sustainable method of cannabis storage around. It has a patent-pending child-proof lid, comprised of 30% farm waste, and is wrapped in a silicone koozie to shield your stash from light and regulate its temperature, another vital factor in adequately storing cannabis. Also, the Re:stash jar is smell-proof, so you need not worry about anyone catching a whiff of dank at any point.


HERB's guide to the 100 best cannabis products
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One of the best cannabis products for storing anything from an eighth to two pounds of the dry herb is CVault. CVault is the complete method for maintaining weed stashes of all sizes. Using 2-way humidity control, the container itself along with its complimentary Boveda/Humidipack, CVault blocks light from coming into contact with your flower and sustains the ideal temperature/moisture level for keeping it in the condition in which you bought it, sticky, potent, and fresh. Additionally, CVault has a secure, airtight lid, and is smell-proof, stackable, and easy to tuck away. With all those features together, your cannabis supply is guaranteed to stay protected and last for up to a year.

30ml/100ml Stash Jars- Van der Pop

HERB's guide to the 100 best cannabis products
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Whatever mood you’re in, or want to be in, there’s a strain for it. So why not keep your favorite strains of weed organized with the best cannabis products for storing beautifully according to disposition? From sleep to sex to party to laugh, Van der Pop stash jar, available in 30ml and 100ml, have luxurious space ready for practically every mood-inducing strain (like Skywalker OG strain for relaxing) and stash size. Apart from shielding odor and preventing spills, these stash jars are built of German Miron violet glass that, according to the company, “allows non-harmful UV rays penetrate with extraordinary effects.” Not to mention, they maintain freshness for as long as 12 months.

The Best Concentrates Stash Jar

The Saturn- Rodawg

HERB's guide to the 100 best cannabis products
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Storing your concentrates can messy and stressful. Their stickiness makes it super challenging to remove them when ready for use, which is why you need something anti-stick like the Saturn by Rodawg. The Saturn is one of the best cannabis products for storing waxes and oils because it features a silicone interior and a recessed lip, making it simple to save and extract up to two grams of sticky substances. Plus, it’s smell-proof, airtight, compact, and has a striking design that’s as aesthetically pleasing as it is practical.

Concentrate Storage Container (3 Pack)- Auric Gold 79